Best Carry-On Luggage in India – [February 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

1. Polo Club USA California Series

Polo Club USA California Series


2. F Gear Aspire

F Gear Aspire


Are you looking for carry-on luggage? Do you travel a lot for business? Or Have a vacation plan? Whatever the reason is investing in the right carry-on luggage makes the journey peaceful. Most of the airlines have so many restrictions on the size and weight of the bag. So choosing the right luggage becomes challenging if you are traveling for the first time.

Travel is something that most of us prefer to do with family or friends, as nobody wants to miss the chance to fly on or take a break from the routine and go for an outing. But how do you choose the right bag with so many options there in the market? It can differ a lot based on your travel plans, destinations, comfort likings, or airline rules and laws.

So to clear your confusion and make your purchase easy, we are here to help you out with the most popular and Best Carry-on Luggage bag brands. All the bags in this list is from best selling brands. Pick the one the suits your terms and style. However, we highly suggest you read our informative guide located below the post that will help you to make the right purchase.

Top 10 Carry-on Luggage in India 2021

Carry-On LuggageCapacityWeightCasing
Polo Club California Series 40 L2.9 kgHard
F Gear Aspire 65 L3.6 kgSoft
Skyway USA Langford 3.4 kgSoft
AGARO Royal 39 L2.9 kgHard
Nasher Miles Fifth Avenue 90 L3.9 kgHard
Mokobara Carry-on 43 L3.2 kgHard
American Tourister JAMAICA 48 L2.9 kgSoft
SKYWAY USA Flair 99.1 L2.22 kgSoft
Nasher Miles Wall Street 39 L2.8 kgSoft
Safari Pret 56 L2 kgSoft

Which are the Top 10 Best Carry-on Luggage in India 2021?​

1. Polo Club USA California Series​

Polo Club Cabin Luggage


Key Specifications
Size36 x 21 x 47 cm
CasingHard Shell
Outer MaterialPolycarbonate
Inner Material210D lining
Weight2.9 kg
ColorLake Blue
Capacity40 L
Extra FeaturesStrong telescopic rod, Corner guard, 360-degree rotating wheel

Introducing California’s colorful state in the form of California Series by Polo Club USA, which is made of 100% Polycarbonate material, with hard shell casing. The protective hard shell is covered with a removable plastic film, making it resistant to scratches and keeping the look original for long.

This beautifully styled bag has a body color zipper and is also available in different color ranges with good quality and sleek style. Moreover, this bag comes with a 25% expendable storage space, corner guards that keep it safe and durable enough to store extra items. It also features a TSA  seal system to open and inspect the bag without damaging the lock.

You can even transport this bag from one place to another easily with its 8 smooth spinner wheels designed to withstand the force and uneven surface. However, it has a 40L volume section with secure buckle straps and a separate lined room with a zipper to store the small and personal items.

The Good

  • ABS exterior material.
  • Durable corner guard.
  • Expandable up to 25%.
  • Strong convertible handle.
  • Stylish and sleek design.
  • Ideal for both men & women.
  • 360 degree 8 spinner wheels.
  • Various eye-catching color options.

The Bad

  • One zipper net compartment.
  • Provide a 1-year warranty.


If you travel often and want to make a style statement, this California series is the right choice. The material gives it strength and makes it durable as unbreakable. Overall it is a secure bag with advance lock and corner guard care.​​

2. F Gear Aspire Softsided Carry-On​

F Gear Aspire


Key Specifications
Size40 x 63 x 29 cms
Weight3.6 kg
Capacity65 L
Extra Features7 pockets, TSA lock, Easy-roll wheels, Internal compression pad

F Gear is one of the trusted and leading brands in India and well-known for its sleek design and durability. This Aspire Softsided carry-on/ check-in luggage is one of the examples of strength. It is made from 100% polyester, which makes it resistant to water and scratches. This bag has a large 1 main compartment with internal 7 pockets and external 1 zip pockets. It is much in space that you can carry this bag on your 4-5 days trip.

This purple chic bag comes with a protective digit lock mode, which gains the trust of many customers towards itself. However, this bag eliminates the stress from your arms, with its easy roll spinner wheels for a smooth drive. It also features secure internal buckles and straps to keep the stuff in a well-organized way. Last but not least, it also adds an extra 5cm to the depth with its spread-out value.

The Good

  • TSA seal security.
  • 7 internal pockets.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • Best for a long tour.
  • Safe and durable bag.
  • Smooth rotating wheels.
  • Water-resistant material.
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty.

The Bad

  • No color option.


Incredibly light, safe, and durable bag, built to withstand any harsh condition. If you travel lots, then F gear set Aspire is one of the right choices for you as it is made to stand in any situation and carry any stuff.​

3. Skyway USA Langford Ultra Lightweight ​

Skyway USA Langford


Key Specifications
Size27.9 x 45.7 x 64.8 cms
Weight3.4 kg
Extra Features360° double wheel system, Multi-stage handle, Multiple pockets

Skyway USA is an iconic American brand with a long culture of unique designs and craftsmanship. Skyway USA is the perfect mate for the adventure. The company believes in making the travel life better by being on the ideals of quality and modern style.

Introducing the Skyway Langford, the expandable upright with a dual 360 spinner wheel system. Its smooth, silent wheels glide in any direction with exceptional ease. The interior features a central part with multiple pockets for various sorting options. Its collapsable handle system has an ergonomic control locking system to reduce hand tiredness. However, the interior coated TSA bar protects your bag against theft to keep you relaxed.

The Good

  • TSA standard lock.
  • Multi-way pockets.
  • Extra support base.
  • Feather-light trolley bag.
  • Classic and durable design.
  • Smooth rotating 360° wheels.
  • Ergonomic convertible handle.
  • 5-year international warranty.


With the Langford lock system and classic design, you can transforms the travel into an ultimate escape. For the best time of your life, travel with a name you can trust. This luggage collection is perfect for all forms of travel, from an overnight trip to week long vacations.​

4. AGARO Royal Hardside Check-in Luggage/Suitcase​

Agaro Royal Best Carry-on Luggage


Key Specifications
Size39.5 x 24 x 57 cms
MaterialABS & Polycarbonate
Weight2.9 kg
ColorChampagne Gold
Capacity39 L
Extra Features25% extra space, Number lock, Scratchproof, Top carry handle, Cross elastic bands

Feel free to travel with AGARO, one of the top-rated and trusted brands. The brand continues to display respect & reputation through constant innovations. The AGARO is the perfect travel companion. However, its Royal check-in luggage series has a stunning design with a hard shell polycarbonate surface. It also comes with a smooth 360° rotating 8 wheels capable of making an easy turn.

The customized inner lining totals the elegant design of the bag. Its 39 L capacity and 25% extra space allow you to fit in more stuff than ever. It also features a zippered mesh section & an additional pouch to organize your packing. Moreover, the AGARO never fails in giving comfort to its customers. It added a digit lock bar and adjustable steel handle to adjust according to your height. It also makes it scratchproof and helps you move your luggage hands down.

The Good

  • Fully lined interior.
  • Durable and robust zips.
  • Spacious compartments.
  • Eight 360° Spinner Wheels.
  • Scratch and dent resistant.
  • 4-Step Telescopic Steel Handle.
  • Striking design with a hard shell.
  • Combination Lock for greater security.


For the best travel experience, go with the name you can trust. This check-in luggage bag by AGARO is crafted for free active tours. Its striking design with the abrasion-resistant body makes it durable enough to withstand in any situation.

5. Nasher Miles Fifth Avenue Cabin Luggage​

Fifth Avenue


Key Specifications
Size40 x 28 x 65 cms
MaterialABS & Polycarbonate
Weight3.9 kg
ColorBottle Green
Capacity90 L
Extra FeaturesNumber lock, Spacious interior, 25% expander, Elastic straps

The Nasher Miles get inspiration from the unique destinations and ensure that they give premium class luggage at an affordable price. Traveling is something that everyone desires once or twice with great and spacious luggage. The Nasher fifth avenue collection is made of sturdy material that combines lightweight and strength in one bag. It is a hard material that curves a little to absorb force when dropped or thrown onto hard surfaces. This luggage bag is also scratch-resistant.

However, its looks are what make the bag shine like a diamond. The classic, modern, and attractive two-toned shade suit the cultured, expert traveler. Its two handle holding – one at the top and another at the side- enables seamless carrying, making the bag very easy to pick upward or horizontally. It’s 25% expanding feature ensures that all your essential last-minute things are not left behind. However, this luggage bag is far spacious and fully lined ample interior with down straps and a zippered divider. It also comes with an in-built combination lock, which assures that no extra lock and key is needed.

The Good

  • 25% more storage.
  • Strong & sturdy body.
  • Amazing color options.
  • Side and tip pick up handle.
  • Eight 360° silent spinner rings.
  • 2 different height lockable handle.
  • Attractive two-toned shade design.
  • Scratchproof and impact absorbent.

The Bad

  • Design catches the dust easily.
  • Not suitable for long tours.


Overall this luggage is spacious enough and ideal for a weekend getaway and can carry for a 3-5 days trip and can accommodate up to 18 kgs. It combines lightweight, strength, security, and space in one bag and makes it abrasion resistant. Its 8 rotating wheels and telescopic bar, making it easier to move over different surfaces.

6. Mokobara Hardsided Carry-On Trolley

Mokobara Carry-on Luggage


Key Specifications
Size37 x 22.8 x 57.8 cms
CasingABS Hardshell
Weight3.27 kg
ColorSunnyside Yellow
Capacity43 L
Extra FeaturesPowerbank pocket, Compression Pad, Magic eraser

The Mokobara cabin luggage is designed in London and made for modern travelers. This carry-on trolley is built from German-made 100% Makrolon Polycarbonate (bullet-proof glass raw material). This hardshell bag is more durable, lightweight, and combines thoughtful features to assess travel’s joy.

The cabin’s eye-catching design, matte finish, and elegant color turn all eyes at the airport to you. It features a premium Hinomoto Silent Run 360° spinner rings made in Japan, making it easy to roll on any terrain. The spacious interior of this model allows you to pack for 3-5 days tour.

However, it has a USB socket to charge your phone & tablet, which means you never run out of battery throughout your journey. One feature is that no other company provides a “Magic Eraser,” which instantly wipes away scuff marks. It also comes with a keyless TSA-certified lock and compression pad to keep your stuff secure during the journey.

The Good

  • 6-year warranty.
  • TSA certified lock.
  • Best for 4 -7 days trip.
  • Magic scuff mark erase.
  • 2 spacious storage room.
  • Super silent ninja wheels.
  • Unbreakable and lightweight.
  • Ideal for both men and women.
  • Special pocket for power bank.
  • Come with a dust cover & laundry bag.

The Bad

  • Costly.
  • Powerbank into included.


Grab this durable and unbreakable luggage for your next trip. This bag is capable of carrying clothes for 4-7 days. Overall its fantastic feature worth the money.

7. American Tourister JAMAICA SP 58CM Carry-On​

American Tourister Jamaica


Key Specifications
Size37.5 x 27.5 x 58 cms
Weight2.9 kg
ColorNavy Blue
Capacity48 L
Extra FeaturesNumber lock, 4 wheels, Internal pockets, Side handle, Bottom holder

For good quality at lower- to mid-range prices, American Tourister could be considered the best luggage brand. They created the stylish, high quality, and yeah, fun luggage that you can rely on. With this in mind, American Tourister introduces the JAMAICA SP series beautifully created in lovish navy color and soft body. This suitcase comes up with side lugs and side handles for support, bottom holder for ease in lifting luggage, and smooth-rotating wheels.

However, this bag is always ready for a holiday. Thanks to its large section that allows you to pack your clothes for up to 10 days. It has enough space that a traveler wants and expands at high rage to fit all your essential items to avoid any other case. With its number lock protection, you can feel extra secure and quickly move it with its collapsable handle and smooth wheels.

The Good

  • Internal packing straps.
  • 3-year international warranty.
  • High-density material.
  • Secure bottom kick guard.
  • 3-digit combined lock.
  • Quick access front pocket.
  • Two-way handle for easy carrying.
  • Large compartment.

The Bad

  • Not TSA approved.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Simple designing.


One of the best-known luggage brands, ruling the world of travel with its durable and lasting designing. Jamaica is one of those luggage come in soft yet firm body. It highlights fantastic features that make its customer’s favorite choice.

8. SKYWAY USA Flair Ultra-Light Carry-On

Skyway USA Flair


Key Specifications
Size21.6 x 34.3 x 49.5 cms
Weight2.22 kg
Capacity99.1 L
Extra Features360° rotating wheels, Magnesium handle, Hidden zippers

Another top-rated luggage from Skyway USA, available in different color options. This Skyway USA Flair is light as air and is designed for the most astute traveler. With its clean lines to its lightweight quality, its collection features a feather smooth 360° spinner wheel, an ergonomic telescopic grip handle, a Soft quilted handle, and more

This stylish model is designed to fulfill the need of travelers without weighing them down. The Flair features a main section and two outer hidden zip pockets, allowing you secure access. It also comes with a TSA approved system to keep your luggage safe from theft.

On the other side, the retractable handle system has an ergonomic controlling handle that adjusts to meet individual comfort needs. Its two innovative cushioned handles on the side and the top are designed to provide comfort and secure grip for holding.

The Good

  • Feather-light bag.
  • Two outer zip pockets.
  • Available in different colors.
  • 5-year international warranty.
  • 360° smooth rotating wheels.
  • Large compartment with TSA security seal.
  • Telescopic adjustable trolley handle.
  • Best for long trips and both men and women.

The Bad

  • Only one net pocket.
  • Straps are not robust.
  • Not waterproof.


Skyways bags are always there to add functionality and comfort to whatever kind of trip you’re taking. With this Flair series by Skyways, your travel experience become better because of its quality, features, and modern style.​

9. Nasher Miles Wall Street 2 Wheel Roller Case​

Nasher Miles Wall street


Key Specifications
Size41 x 24 x 40 cms
Weight2.8 kg
Capacity39 L
Extra FeaturesEasy access pockets, Laptop friendly, Spacious sections, Telescopic handle, Number lock

If you travel twice in a year for official work, then Wall Street collection by Nasher is the right one for you. It is well-known for smart storage compartments. It even fits a laptop up to 17″ along with your clothes. Isn’t it delightful?

This rolling laptop case ensures comfort travel and goes wherever you go. The case features a padded interior slot for one computer of up to 17″ and secure it with the Velcro strap. Beside from laptop pocket, it has sufficient space to carry a few pairs of clothes and shoes to.

The Wall Street bag comes with a two silent spinner wheel, retractable telescopic, and top carry rubberized foam handle for a firm grip and move over different surfaces. As nobody can beat the protection system of this brand. This bag features a discreet name tag to fill in your details and a side-setup lock to keep your belongings safe.

The Good

  • Superior fabric.
  • Cushioned top carry handle.
  • Adjustable telescopic handle.
  • Padded laptop compartment.
  • Best for short or one day tour.
  • Side-mounted digit lock bar.
  • Easy access front organized pocket.
  • A large section for clothes and shoes.

The Bad

  • No TSA bar.
  • Not for long trips.


This wall street collection is best for short and official tours. It has a well-organized section, each with a specific use. Its telescopic handle and two wheels make it easy to carry on wherever you go.​

10. Safari Pret Cabin 2 Wheels Travel Duffle Bag​

Best Carry-On luggage


Key Specifications
Size56 x 31 x 32 cms
Weight2 kg
Capacity56 L
Extra FeaturesPush button trolley, Extra space, Two front pocket, 2 wheels

Last but not least, Safari Pret Teal cabin luggage for a trendy journey. This soft travel duffle bag is built for unisex use that has one main compartment and front pocket. With its firm, stylish look, you can use it as a business bag, a travel bag, and a rough outdoor holiday.

This Safari travel duffle bag has a robust and closure zipper, making it easy to pack and use. Its telescopic trolley handle and padded side handle provides a comfortable grip and two revolving wheels, making it easier to move over different surfaces. Its ample storage allows you to carry 4 shirts, 1 coat, 2 pairs of trousers, one pair of shoes, and 1 toiletry bag.

The Good

  • 5-year warranty.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Ideal for long tours.
  • Butterfly strap lock.
  • 56 l volume compartment.
  • Best for both men and women.
  • Push-button telescopic bar.
  • Stylish, durable, and sturdy bag.

The Bad

  • Keylock set-up.
  • Not laptop compatibility.


The multi-panel design and vibrant colors of this extra-large travel duffle make perfect companions for joyous travelers. The bag features a spacious compartment and an extra pocket for a smooth and long journey. ​

Best Carry-On Luggage Brands​

  • Agaro
  • American Tourister
  • F Gear
  • Mokobara
  • Nasher Miles
  • POLO Club
  • Safari
  • Skyway USA

Advantages and Disadvantages of Carry-On Luggage

Carry-on luggage is the chicest bags when you are getting off the plane or shifting it into a taxi with smooth pushing and pulling. Here are the points on carry-on with some pros and cons:


  1. Very easy to handle.
  2. Made up of the right fabric and provide a luxurious touch.
  3. Stain and water resistance.
  4. Security features are fantastic with an advanced locking set-up.
  5. Zipper heads managed for smooth open and closed for daily use.
  6. Powerful retractable handle.
  7. It has padded compartments and handles.
  8. Some spacious compartments for a pen. Laptop, charger, cards, other personal items.


  1. Extreme smooth wheels are difficult to handle.
  2. The top-rated brands with advanced lock technology are expensive.
  3. Some weight more than your luggage.
  4. Rolling wheels are usually safe but break away easily when driving on harsh surfaces.

How to choose the Best Carry-On Luggage?​

best carry-on luggage
  • Size

One of the vital features to keep in mind when choosing carry-on luggage is airline rules on luggage size. Figure out which airlines you most frequently fly. What are the rules and restrictions they permit?

The majority of airlines follow the official carry-on size of about 21 -22 inches x 13-15 inches. However, a lot of lost cost flights have far more restrictions. This is where the problem comes to choosing a carry-on. And here occur the questions… Which size bag do I buy? Should I buy multiple bags?

Relax and calm down, always look at the description of the product and airline rules before making a purchase. Though don’t just look at the outside dimensions of the bag, be sure if you go with a medium or small size bag, it should have ample internal storage to fit all your items. Also, note things like straps, hooks, and how many pockets it contains to give you more space for packing.

  • Weighing the luggage

Another factor to be considered in the weight of the suitcase or trolley bag when it’s empty. Like size, airlines also have weight restrictions, so choosing the lightweight with enough space is essential.

The heavier your carry-on, the fewer belongings you will allow to take. So choose the right lightweight luggage that fits all your needs.

  • Compartments

While the outside measurements are vital but don’t forget about the inside room volume. As I already mention how important large compartments are. Based on size and weight, choose the compartment; if your bag is heavy, you should probably go with a spacious and lightweight bag.

However, this can be hard to do as many companies do not mention the volume in their story. Look for the features that maximize the inner space, like extra pockets, separate laptop sections, and more all these are the essential features you should know.

On the other hand, if you often travel for work, look for a rolling carry-on with a laptop padded section and a separate compartment to store your clothes. It makes it easy to take out the laptop at the security line, but safe enough to protect all your belongings.

  • Hard-Sided vs. Soft

Another factor that drives travelers into confusion. Which goes best for travel purposes?

“Hard-Sided” luggage is not in much demand as compare to soft-side. But if you’re carrying expensive and delicate items like laptop or camera equipment, then hard plastic might be the right choice. As it protects from the bomber, and most importantly, they are waterproof. So, traveling with valuable items that need to be protected at any cost needs extra protection, and going with hardshell will answer your question.

On the other side of this, softshell luggage is the most popular pick because of its efficient space. It absorbs and allows you to pack whatever you want in the smallest amount of space. It also features different pocket sections for everything you can think to bring. However, the soft-sided bags are expandable too, just be careful you don’t expand yourself out of the box.

  • Durability

A specially important point when it comes to finding the right carry-on. Do you want your suitcase or luggage to last for long? If yes, then it is always good to read reviews before you buy any piece of luggage. However, you don’t need to spend hundreds of money to have a quality bag. It just should be well-made and able to face the roughness or travel.

A quality of luggage is crucial as it will last, and travel becomes calm with the right choice. Look out the material, zipper, and strap quality. However, don’t ever forget to read the wheel details. Having durable wheels and a good grip handle is essential too. This is how it will help you to drag the bag at any surface smoothly. It is better to be safe than sorry.

  • Wheel

You have two options when it comes to wheels: Two or Four. Two wheels tend to be lighter but have the risk of tipping over if they’re not properly balanced. If you find it easier to travel with two wheels on an uneven road, this is not the wrong choice. Most of the small rolling suitcases come with two wheels and take less space to store. However, they only move front and backward, so you have to pull or push the case with your extended handle with extra force.

On the other side of this, four wheels will stand upright and sturdy compared to two wheels. They are easier to pull sideways without hitting it harder. However, they are more ergonomic and don’t need as much stress of handling them. Most of them come with 360° spinning wheels, making it easier to move over delicate surfaces. The coolest thing about these wheels is that they don’t need much strength or control from you.

  • Lock

Whether they have zippers with space for travel lock or they have an inner locking feature, never buy a bag you can’t lock. Some of the branded bags come with a digital number or TSA lock system. These secure bars can only open by you. But with the TSA bar, your luggage is permitted to open by security authorities to inspect them without damage.

The advantage of buying a TSA bag is that after you only checking agent has a key to open it. But these bags are expensive than the number lock system. At the same time, digital lock bags are cheaper and provide equal protection as the TSA.

  • Handles

A rolling bag with a manageable handle is much more comfortable instead of carrying it. Make sure your bag handle is intense and easily retractable. Before investing in a bag, always check whether it is adjustable or not and doesn’t tap you on the heels as you walk. You might also enjoy the padded top and edge handle for comfortable holding.

Always prefer a bag with telescopic and quilted handle for more comfort. As it helps you move luggage much more quickly, especially when you need to lift it at someplace, like clambering the stairs or other transportations. Choosing the luggage with reliable and durable handles that withstand the weight of belonging is always the right choice.

However, if you’re buying a quality brand and doesn’t have any side handle, then one handle is okay. It will be lighter too. Or if you’re budget-conscious, go with a two handle that is sturdier and cheaper than one-bar handle luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is it necessary to have a side and top handle luggage?

These days most of the luggage has side, top padded handle along with telescopic rod. However, side or padded bars provide ease to carry them during your climbing or down the stairs, to protect the wheel from breakage. If you’re budget-conscious, go with two-bar luggage that is sturdier and cheaper than one-bar handle luggage.

2. Which is better hard or soft casing luggage?

Each type of luggage has its benefits and drawbacks. And one piece of luggage will not mark all your needs.

The soft-sided luggage is lightweight and can flex and fit into any tight spaces. They are more manageable in terms of space, shape, and many organized options. The downside, of course – it won’t protect like hard-casing luggage and can be cut by thieves.

On the other side, hard-casing luggage is made with high-tech synthetics such as ABS and Polycarbonate, which are lightweight and tough. It provides better security if you’ll be packing breakable items. It has an advanced security lock, which is better than soft-sided baggage. The only downside it comes with is, cannot be expanded, need fixed storage space, scuffs and scratches easily, too.

3. Which carry-on luggage size is valid to buy?

While most of the airline follows the same rule and restrictions. However, there are usually only a few bits of difference between carry-on luggage dimensions, according to our research, bags with 22 x 35 x 56 cms is good to fly with. Besides this pay attention to the restrictions of the airlines, you travel most often.

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