Best Laptop Bags in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. Gods Ghost Anti-Theft

God Ghost Anti Theft

2. F Gear Luxur

F Gear Luxur Brown

3. Killer Louis Bag

Killer Louis

Going for an official tour or just to your office, making a lasting impact on everyone is something an exciting thing. Making a fashion statement is one of the best ways to express yourself. But for that, you need the right gear. As all we know, today’s working people and students are very dependent on technology, and most of them use laptops to do their tasks. Some of them carry their device to office and colleges which need safe moving, and you need a bag for that, not that regular one but something best for your expensive laptop.

Using a regular backpack same for your lappy doesn’t give that protection a laptop backpack do, which tells that daily basis backpack is not laptop friendly. We know with so many designs, and brands available in the market makes buying difficult. Chill and relax, buying a pack is not that difficult as you think. Whether you’re taking your laptop to a coffee store, a weekly work gathering, or a cross-country flight hanging up with functional and fashionable will never bring you down.

So, you and we are here to help you get the Best Laptop Bags, with our buying guide, which tells you how to pick the best one. This list is built on the based of our market research and customer reviews, plus keeping the men and women in mind.

Top 10 Laptop Bags in India 2020

Which are the Top 10 Best Laptop Bags in India 2020?

1. Gods Ghost Laptop Backpack

Ghost backpack


Size: 30 x 15 x 49 cmMaterial: Polyester, Synthetic, Nylon
Color: BlackWeight: 1.4 Kg
Capacity: 22 ltrsCompartment: 1 large
Extra Features: Ergonomic Strap, Sunglass part, Inner Mesh Pocket, Zip Closure

This backpack is one of the high-rated products and bestsellers in fashion. God’s Ghost bag has a detailed minimalistic design. The design of this theft safe backpack not only stands out in the crowd but also serves a protection purpose. However, this bag only comes with Secure opening without the front zipper to secure your items.

The newer fashion pack is built from rough tight material to protect the base and gives you the freedom to blow it on all kinds of areas without a thought!

Everything makes this bag special, starting from its advanced features like acute YKK zippers to ensure high strength play. Although, its 100 % waterproof material and the power connection section keeps it safe inside the bag. You will love this 180 degrees opening like a suitcase with distinct parts for tablet, Hard drives, laptop charger, Pens, Phones, cables, and sunglasses. What else do you even need?


2. F Gear Luxur 2404 Backpack

F Gear


Size: 31 x 18 x 44 cmsMaterial: Art Leather
Color: BrownWeight: 800 g
Capacity: 25 ltrsCompartment: 2 large
Extra Features: External zipper, water bottle holder, Quilted shoulder

A fashionable and water-resistant backpack that can be used for laptops and casual purposes. This durable pack makes spaces for everything essential with multiple zip pockets on the exterior and interior with a main compartment for laptop and other storage solutions.

It has two compartments which offers you to store your laptop, books, clothes and much more. However, it prevents water from getting inside your bag. This classic gear has a 25 L capacity, along with water holding space on the side. This is big enough to hold any general water bottle.

Moreover, it has two quick to access pockets in the front for handy play. Its shoulder padding takes away all the stress from your shoulder and gives you full comfort while carrying heavy things. Its classic brown and shiny look provides a great impression and makes it a showstopper in the crowd.


3. Killer Louis Navy Blue Laptop Backpack

Killer Louis Backpack


Size: 13 x 18.75 x 9.50 inchMaterial: PU cover Polyester 
Color: Navy BlueWeight: 800 g
Capacity: 38 ltrsCompartment: 3 large
Extra Features: Cushioned compartment, 2 net pockets, front access pocket

Wondering about having a cool, casual backpack for your everyday travel. This Killer Louis 38 L spacious backpack is one of them. It is made of high-grade water-resistant PU-cover polyester body that gives it strength and makes it tough for long-term use.

It also features 3 large well-puffed zippered sections and one sizeable easy path front pocket. Its well-stuffed laptop section allows you to carry 15.6″ lappy. However, its middle section is big enough to carry all your clothes or daily use belongings. Plus, on its front part, you get a precise section to keep your official documents and small electronic gadgets.

This is an everyday backpack, and whether you want it to carry for your official meetings or some college trips, it will rocks. Even though its two pockets allow you to take a water bottle or any other vital item. Its waterproof body always keeps your bag protected from sudden rain and lightweight, making it a demanding backpack.


4. COSMUS 37 Ltrs Backpack

Cosmus Best Laptop Bag


Size: 18.75 x 12.75 x 9.5 inchMaterial: Polyester
Color: Navy BlueWeight: 25 kg
Capacity: 37 ltrsCompartment: 3 large
Extra Features: Free Rain Cover In Bottom Zipper Pocket, Two-sided zipper pockets

The Cosmus backpack, a highly durable carrier for laptops and tablets. This atomic 15.6″ laptop backpack is made of hi-grade 1680D PU-covered polyester that gives it strength and makes it durable for long term use. It features a well-organized section, cushioned back panel, and ergonomic straps. This is rough & tough gear with a 37-liter space and three big compartments, which can easily carry 25 kg.

Cosmus backpacks are best for you; its cushioned laptop pocket keeps your laptop securely tight. However, it is a unisex style bag that goes with your style and any workplace. It is entirely is a waterproof backpack that keeps inside dry and moisture-free. Last but not least, its thick and well-quilted shoulder make the bag feel lighter while carrying. And a well-furnished and firm top handle ensures comfort for long hours carrying.


5. Wildcraft Turnaround Laptop Bag

Wildcraft Turnaround Laptop Pack


Size: 36 x 13 x 50 cmsMaterial: Polyester
Color: BlueWeight: 349 g
Capacity: 27 ltrsCompartment: 3 large
Extra Features: Padded strap, Handle, and Laptop Pocket

Light and compact backpack by wildcraft, one of the best brand known for its durability and strength material. This is also one of the best gear from wildcraft. However, this bag is highly waterproof and durable, which can face any situation you throw on it. However, it is made with an idea of travel in mind for travel enthusiasts.

It has a perfect organized section for your belongings and laptop with well-quilted. It also comes with a uniquely designed back quilted panel for giving extra comfort while carrying. Besides the comfort level, the large storage capacity of 27 L and three compartments allows you to store pairs of cloth and the devices and accessories for your daily use.


6. Harissons Xeno Laptop Backpack

Harissons Xeno Backpack


Size: 54.8 x 37.8 x 7.8 cmsMaterial: Polyester
Color: Orange/BlueWeight: 720 g
Capacity: 33 ltrsCompartment: 3 large
Extra Features: Rain cover, Hand Pouch, A mesh Pocket, Padded band

Harrisons believe travel should be full of fun and memories, whether it is your official trip or casual ones. Having a lightweight, stylish, and superb backpack gives some kind of relief. Here is one of the elegant packs by Harrisons, with three big compartments, and 33 L space.

Xeno 33 L spacious bag is made of highly waterproof Polyester, plus comes with a rain cover. Its elastic edge makes it easy to adjust to different sizes giving it a snug fit. With this, you can now stay worries less and take this backpack anywhere you want. Its eye-catching colors and fluidic design makes it different from the crowd. Besides its material quality, it’s Ergo designed Grip Backstraps help to spread the weight equally on both shoulders and minimize the stress on your shoulders and back. Plus, it also comes with a comfortable grab handle for stress-free pulling.

You will definitely like its interior orange color and space to keep a laptop and other belongings like your charger or stationary like pens, pencils. This compact backpack is ideal for everyone, to take it to office or college.


7. HP Express 15.6-inch Laptop Backpack

HP Laptop Backpack


Size: 17 x 33 x 47 cmsMaterial: Polyester
Color: BlackWeight: 0.5 kg
Capacity: 27 ltrsCompartment: 2 large
Extra Features: Two pockets, Small front pocket, HP Certified, Item sections

HP is one of the trusted brands for its laptop and now for its bags in the market. And we don’t think a list of the laptop bags can be create without having an HP laptop backpack.

HP Express is their latest creation and selling high on online shops. This pack is made of high-grade waterproof fabric, which weighs only 500 gm and fits up to 15.6″ laptops. It has a one main compartment for laptop and multiple small pockets for small accessories storage. The reason why it is the most selling product is its inexpensive price tag for industry-standard features.

Its simple unisex design makes to carry anywhere you want. It comes with a padded handle and shoulder for comfortable carry and back panel for less stress. This bag is capable enough to go with 27 L space to store anything you want. Summing up, this bag never goes off the track and never disappoint office-going people who are looking for bags at affordable rates.


8. Vebeto Anti-Theft Bag with USB Port



Size: 29 x 5 x 30 cmsMaterial: 300 D Polyester
Color: BlackWeight: 699 g
Capacity: 22 ltrsCompartment: 1 large
Extra Features: Multi-sections, 180° opening, Cusioning pockets, USB  port

If you want to keep your private files and items safe, then you can store them in a waterproof backpack. Vebeto is one of the bags that will keep your things safe from getting stolen, especially while traveling. Its theft safe design zipper main pocket is hidden at the back. However, there are hidden pockets on the shoulder strap and on the side, making the robber difficult to see and steal anything. Its shoulder padding and backside 3D breathable sponge padding provides relief during long hours.

Moreover, if you use public transport to go to your office or college, it’s impossible to charge your phone without any port. But with this bag, you will get an external USB connection with a built-in charger that offers a useful charging. It is a safe backpack, as there is a retro reflective strip on the front of the bag, which makes it more noticeable in the darkness.

This 180° opening, like a suitcase, comes with a 15.6″ laptop and medium space for tablet or iPad. You will find multiple sections for keeping pens, mobile phones, calculators, mp3 player, wallet, passport, notebooks, keys, watch, headphones, and many more. It is a complete pack + affordable too. What else do you even need?


9. Novex Epoch Light Grey Laptop Backpack

Novex Epoch Best Laptop Bag


Size: 48 x 30 x 14 cmsMaterial: Polyester
Color: Grey/BlackWeight: 0.45 kg
Capacity: 25 ltrsCompartment: 1 large
Extra Features: Laptop sleeve, Soft casing, Adjustable shoulder straps, Ventilation back

Novex Bags come with enough compartments, maximum comfort & performance. This gear is made from excellent material to get started on your remarkable trip. It’s grey, and black mixtures give its a stylish look while keeping your belongings safe. Its body is fully waterproof and maintain a long term relationship with the customer. Its eye-catching shape makes it a convenient and stylish bag.

You can even use this bag for keeping your files, laptops, or clothes for traveling. It has one large main compartment for laptop and various pockets to keep other small items. However, it ensures protected and long-lasting usage regularly and weekends.


10. Lenovo Casual Laptop Backpack B210

Lenovo Casual Laptop Backpack


Size: 34 x 15 x 45.5 cmsMaterial: Polyester
Color: GreyWeight: 453 kg
Capacity: NACompartment: 1 large
Extra Features: Laptop padded pocket, Various pockets, Ventilated shoulder

Lenovo one of the well-known brand for laptops and its durable bag too. Here we’ve picked the most popular bag with excellent rating Lenovo B210 Casual Backpack. This bag is ideal for official meetings or college. Its classic sleek, streamlined design and modern look make it perfect for everyone.

The Lenovo Casual utilizes a water-repellent fabric with a padded interior to protect diaries and essential items. However, it offers a separate room for up to 15.6″ laptops. It also has a range of pockets with it to store accessories any other essential things.

You will like it’s aired straps for keeping you dry and stress-less. It is a lovely and perfect bag for school, travel, and outdoor activities. However, who likes to have a stylish yet all-day-protection laptop backpack, should go with this model. It is a perfect notebook type backpack.


Best Laptop Bag Brands

Most Popular laptop backpack brands

  • F Gear
  • Gods
  • Harissons
  • HP
  • Killer
  • Lenovo
  • Novex
  • Vebeto
  • Wildcraft

How to choose the Best laptop Bag?

Best Laptop Bag

Picking up a laptop backpack is not that difficult until and unless you are unsure about the brand and what feature you want in your pack. With so many options in the market, anyone can get confused, but there are few points you should know while looking for a laptop backpack. So here we go with our top vital points –

  • Volume & space of your bag

One of the crucial steps to first go with. What size do you want? How much capacity or volume you want in your backpack? Ask all these questions first to yourself before making a purchase. Finding the right dimension bag ensures a perfect fit for a laptop in its particular pouch. Not just a laptop, but there some kits that come with multiple pockets for other essential items like charger, pens, bottles. Notebooks, and more.

A laptop backpack with small compartments and capacity never fit all your accessories and may not satisfy your needs. Usually, according to research, most of the people use laptops with 15-inch laptops. Hence then it requires checking the dimension of the bag and pocket for your device. However, if you have a laptop with a higher screen size term, you should choose your backpack accordingly. Ensure that you have additional protection for the smaller sized notebooks and iPads too.

  • Material Quality

Above all, the quality of the material used to make backpacks is one of the significant features. The right material ensures that your bag remains unspoiled for years to come. Your laptop is something you need to take it daily to your workplace, and the bag is one to protect it from harsh situations. The situations might be whether the change, protect from theft, or some. Firstly you must ensure that material should be waterproof and durable, too, which protects your device effortlessly. Some of the best materials used by most of the brands are Nylon, Polyester, and Leather. They all are ideally waterproof, cutproof, and dustproof.

Secondly, the factor after the quality of material you should consider a bag with padded shoulder straps and back panel to give comfort and nobody pain. Check the quality of the zips, belts, and also the availability of raincoat. These are the small things but essential as well, so check your bag thoroughly.

  • Design

One of the reasons many people suffer from shoulder and back pain after carrying their laptop bags for a long time is the bag poorly designed. A great product or brand has an engaging design and, at the same time, provide you comfort and health benefits for your body posture. It also depends on the ergonomic features that are not available with some ordinary backpack. How to recognize the ergonomic features of your bag? It’s simple to recognize, always go with quilted shoulders, back panel, and adjustable belt, which helps you provide full comfort while carrying. Plus, your bag should also have a mesh back panel to allow air circulations that offer you comfort from sweating.

Besides this, the bag’s design should not be outdated, which doesn’t go with your personality. However, many new style backpack includes a USB connection, lock system, and a mobile phone holder. The interior of new style backpacks includes a number of pockets to carry every small thing you want, and some of them even designed a secret pocket to their bags, which allows you to store your personal stuff.

Laptop Bag
  • Ease in Carrying

The backpack should be convenient to carry with different strap designs, as mentioned earlier in the design, about shoulder and back pain, which occur due to its poor layout. Always go with a backpack; this is light in weight and has enough padding to avoid pain. Here are a few ways that you should know to avoid the pain while carrying your favorite bag –

  1. Choose a lightweight pack to decrease the overall weight of the pack.
  2. Choose the quilted and broader shoulder band to cushion your shoulder bones.
  3. Choose the multipurpose shoulder bag that allows you to turn into a backpack or briefcase.

However, your comfort with a backpack can vary depending on the size of the bag and your height. If you’re shopping online and aren’t sure what size will fit, look for photos of the pack being carried by a model and detail of size. You can then easily measure how tall you are by comparing it to the model, and that should give you some idea of how the pack will go.


  • Extra Storage

Your bag must have pockets and separate compartments for your other accessories, such as USBs, notebooks, cards, pens, cell phone holders, and more. Some bags also have securable parts on the inside with secured with zipper or velcro, which let you upside down your backpack. Although some bags also have secret pockets that you can find in the shoulder, back bottom, or inside the bag, you can use it as extra storage.

  • Budget

Laptop backpacks are available as cheap and expensive. Your laptop is more precious then you pack, so it’s obvious sometime to ignore the price of the pack for your laptop safety. Or if you’re a rare traveler, you can opt for the inexpensive laptop cases. Many cheap price bags sometimes don’t come with excellent material and design and may not perform for a more extended period.

But on the other hand, expensive ones always top the race not just because of prices but with their amazing features like – theft protected pockets, USB Charging port, multiple sections, excellent material quality, long-lasting performance, and more. It all depends on your choice and money you want to spend on your laptop partner.

  • Warranty

While your backpack protects your laptop, you have to protect itself as well. A warranty will always fix any damage to your bag without cost if it breaks due to any cause. So don’t forget to see and ask for the guarantee of your pack. You can return it and take a new one if it breaks due to factors other than general wear and tear. It all occurs if you return it within the given period.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What way is best to carry a laptop backpack?

In my opinion, the best method or right way is by carrying a backpack on both shoulders. It evenly distributes the weight and provides you comfort and benefit to your body posture. Moreover, go with wider padded straps to cushion your shoulder spine. It keeps you comfortable and stress-free.

2. What backpack will go right for my 15″ laptop?

With so many bags in different sizes, it is hard to choose the one right size for the device. Here are the 4 packs with eye-catching design and will go with your 15″ device –

  1. F Gear Luxur 
  2. Killer Louis 38L
  3. Wildcraft Turnaround 27 Ltrs
  4. Vebeto Backpack

3. Which is the cheapest and best laptop backpacks for college?

The best as well as the most affordable backpack for college students –

  • HP Express 27 ltrs
  • Novex epoch 25 ltrs
  • Fur Jaden Grey Anti Theft

These three are very affordable with eye-catching design, color, and multiple compartments to store notebooks, pens, power banks, and more, also with a separate laptop pocket.

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