Best Rucksack Bags in India – [February 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

1. Fastrack Rucksack

Fastrack Grey


2. Wildcraft 45 Ltrs

Wildcraft 45 ltrs


The best part of the journeys is the ones that are sudden planned. Everyone likes to travel to unknown destinations to explore the beauty of the world and change their day-to-day lives. Trekking is one of them. It has become common these days, and an increasing number of people are going for it.

Whether it is summer or winter season going for camping or trekking, never go off. This kind of trip taught us so many things., like how vital group work is, how the beautiful Himalayas are, and how essential a backpacking gear is when it comes to trekking.

It is an essential gear that you must carry for hours when you go hiking in the mount track. The comfort, capacity, size, and durability they give is superior to any other backpacks. Backpacks are the most crucial hiking tools you would be needed, which carry all of the devices on your back that you will need for your planned time on the way. The profit of having hiking backpacks is that it gives you the freedom to go further backcountry for a more extended period.

Whether you are heading to the mount track for a week hike or for a short time, you need to make sure you have had the right gear.

We are here to solve your problem with the list of the most Stylish and Best Rucksack Bags, in India your first hiking partner. This list will help you choose the comfortable, stylish, and best one from the market. Read our buying guide located below the post, which grants you to invest in the right gear.

Top 10 Rucksack Bags in India 2021​

Rucksack BagsMaterialCapacityCompartments
Fastrack Grey Rucksack Polyester50 L1 Large
Wildcraft Nylon45 L1 Large
Aristocrat Hiking Backpack Polyester45 L3
Tripole Colonel 1200D Water Proof Polyester80 LMultiple
Polestar Rocky Polyester lite60 L3
Hyper Adam Polyester65 L1 large
Impulse Waterproof Bag Polyester55 L1 large
Gleam Climate Proof Polyester75 L1 large
Mufubu Unbarred Rucksack Polyester55 L1 large
Impulse Inverse 900D 100% Polyester65 L1 large

Which are the Top 10 Best Rucksack Bags in India 2021?​

1. Fastrack 50 Ltrs Grey Backpack​

Fastrack 50ltrs Rucksack


Key Specifications
Size27.9 x 57.2 x 27.9 cm
Weight1.3 kgs
Capacity50 ltrs
Compartment1 Large
Extra FeaturesFoam padded Shoulder strap, zipper pockets, drawstring hood for sleeping mats, front & top opening

The ultralight and durable Hike gear, designed to go the distance. This Fastrack rucksack can easily fit all your traveling essentials, making it a perfect partner for your treks and travels. It comes with a 50 L capacity to hold everything you need on your trip. However, it is strong enough to survive the jungles, mount tracks, and other rough situations.

However, the body and lining of the Fastrack rucksack are made up of Polyester, which makes it lightweight and well-made. It is one of the best backpacks for trekking in India as its material is water-resistant, allowing you to carry any electric devices, including 17″ laptops.

The shoulder loops with foam pads reduce the stress on the shoulder, and the Sternum strap and Waist strap give more grip and protection. All the feature makes it more convenient and fit for traveling.

The Good

  • Best trekking bag in India.
  • Lightweight and strong bag.
  • Water-resistant body and lining.
  • Come with front and top opening.
  • Foam padded shoulders and back.
  • 1 quick access pocket on the hood for smaller items.
  • A waist strap with a zipper pocket makes it comfortable for carrying little things.

The Bad

  • No lock option.
  • Plain pattern designing.
  • No rain shield available.
  • Come with a 1-year warranty.


This could be your best trekking partner if you trust it. However, Fastrack is one of the most leading and trusted brands for producing the best quality of gears, and this backpack is one of them. It is durable, comfortable, reliable, and waterproof, making it sufficient to face any situation.

2. Wildcraft 45 L Rucksack Backpack

Wildcraft 45 ltrs


Key Specifications
Size57.7 x 35.8 x 6.2 cm
ColorGrey/ Orange
Weight4.54 kgs
Capacity45 ltrs
Compartment1 Large
Extra FeaturesAdjustable belt, Strengthened haul loop, Top loading pack, Numerous pockets, Back padding

Wildcraft rucksacks are made to help you on a long tour through challenging conditions and areas. It is built with explorers in mind and is created with an ergonomic build that helps improve comfort while decreasing pack weight.

Its Nylon material makes it waterproof and tough to keep your expensive gadgets inside without worries while traveling. Great, adventure journeys and hiking tours need a lot of items to pack. This bag is also very comfortable for the carrier with an improved back system. Its multi-functional pockets are designed to help you pack and easily access your outdoor essentials. However, there is a separate pocket inside the bag with extra padding to keep the laptop protected from shocks and damages.

Wildcraft is a known brand in India for producing superb bags and other accessories. This grey and orange rucksack is one of them to withstand the harsh situations the Indian subcontinent area throws at it. However, it ensures shoulder-height and base adjusters so that your pack fits on you on the turning road. It is quite favored by people who go on short trekking trips, and it will last for a long time. Overall this bag is ideal to fit all the essential items you want to carry in its super spacious main compartment and zippers.

The Good

  • Come with a 5-year warranty.
  • Reasonably priced backpack.
  • Top opening by drawing string.
  • Withstand in any harsh condition.
  • Lightweight and tough backpack.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps, height, and depth.
  • A waterproof body protects all your essential items.
  • Numerous pockets and separate laptop pocket too.

The Bad

  • Only one large main compartment.
  • No shoe space.


Wildcraft is a known name in producing high-grade products. This 45 L backpack is one of them, built with the travelers in mind to increase comfort and decrease the stress. It is a very stylish and durable bag for trekking and long journey. Overall enjoy your trip with its water resistant body.

3. Aristocrat Hiking Backpack​



Key Specifications
Size36 cm x 24 cm x 60 cm
Weight1000 g
Capacity45 ltrs
Extra FeaturesSuperior Back Padding, Shoe Compartment, and Large Net Pockets

Aristocrat 45 L backpack is ideal for official tours and some school trips. This company manufactures its products with some click of styling and durability too. However, this backpack is designed with men and women in mind. The rucksack is lined with a superb quality fabric that allows you to keep the laptop and other items.

It’s smooth and fresh heart black design makes it perfect for daily use too. This bag is not oversized and is meant to carry your essentials. With its trendy look and easy to organize design, it comes with three main compartments. 

It also features a padded strap, a rectangular shape with durable zippers, a logo that stands out, which adds a classiness. However, its lightweight feature makes this bag a very in-demanded backpack.

The Good

  • Classiness design.
  • Adjustable loop.
  • It has a separate laptop section.
  • Enough back padding for comfort.
  • Aristocrat comes with an extra shoe section.
  • Come with large net pockets and full grip straps.
  • Made with premium durable coated Polyester, rainproof body, and lining.

The Bad

  • Looks a little bulky.
  • No rain shield available.
  • No warranty period mentioned.


A sleek, light bag with a young-at-heart design perfect for anyone. It is made for small trips, official or school trips with 3 top opening parts. However, the best part of this backpack is that it can be carried in 2 ways, one with additional front handle and other on your shoulder.

4. Tripole Colonel Rucksack + Detachable Pack​

Tripole Rucksack Bag


Key Specifications
Size34 x 24 x 80 cm
Material1200D Water Proof Polyester
Weight2.4 g
Capacity80 ltrs
Extra FeaturesRemovable BackPack, Multiple pockets, 8 Utility straps

The Colonel Series Rucksacks are perfect for long-duration hikes or travel lasting between 12-20 days. It is a flexible rucksack bag that comes with many important traits. It has an 8 utility strap that you can use to attach sleeping bags, raincoats, mats, and camping gear.

However, it also comes with a detachable pack that can be taken aside for day hikes or small trips. This Tripole is really durable and stands in a rough way. As during the hiking or trekking trips, many people tend to use the bag roughly, and Tripole is ideal for them, made with a metal rod for extra support.

The base mats and dual fabric cover at the base complement it and make it ideal for rough terrain. Its bottom opening section is also separated by fabric from the main cell, which can be released up to make the entire rucksack into one chamber.

It also comes with soft cushioning on the back, which provides comfort and good airflow while walking for long hours. Moreover, the waist straps keep the body posture correct and save many trekkers from getting tired during hiking and trekking.

The Good

  • Adjustable band.
  • Two-in-one backpack.
  • Velcro pocket with rain casing.
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty.
  • Multiple handy pockets on the front, side, and top.
  • Designed for a long duration of traveling and hiking.
  • Fiber frame at the back compounded by an aluminum rod.

The Bad

  • Too big.
  • The detachable pack is small.
  • Not laptop compatible.


A multi-functional backpack comes with a removable pack and many other useful features.This bulky bag is ideal for long outing and is equipped with a fiber frame at the back by an aluminum rod to provide maximum load-carrying volume.​

5. Polestar Rocky Backpack Bag​



Key Specifications
Size8 x 36 x 24 cm
MaterialPolyester lite
ColorGrey/ Blue
Weight500 g
Capacity60 ltrs
Extra FeaturesAdjustable and Breathable Padded Shoulder Strap, enough room, soft-touch, easy access zippers

Polestar backpacks are known as a great companion for travel. Their bags are comfortable, convenient, and stylish chic. We picked one of the best-rated product from Polestar that is ultra-light and enduring. This backpack is perfect for hiking, occasional traveling, or the best alternative of the suitcase. Its large compartments allow you to add anything you want on your trip with no excuse.

This bag also comes with a rain casing to protect your belongings during rains. It is so comfortable to carry, all because of its enough cushion padding, which allows you to use it as a cushion while sleeping in your camp.

The broad, adjustable band give the weight equally on your shoulders, which allows for a comfortable trekking experience. However, it also has well-planned pockets that help you separate bigger and smaller things. This polyester ultra-light backpack has multiple sections and a super spacious capacity of 60 L, which lets you store all your trekking gear.

The Good

  • Two zipper locks.
  • Convenient backpack.
  • Laptop compatibility.
  • Come with a separate bottle pocket.
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps.
  • Multiple sections with enough space.
  • Provide strengthen and lifelong performance.
  • Made of water-resistant polyester fabric.

The Bad

  • Simple design.
  • No warranty period mentioned.


It is a large size backpack with all useful features an adventure seeker needs. Plus, it’s highly ripped, and a water-resistant polyester body provides strength and lasting performance.

6. Hyper Adam Outdoor Sport Rucksack Bag ​

Hyper Adam Rucksack Bag


Key Specifications
Size30.5 x 17.8 x 76.2 cm
ColorSea Green
Weight860 g
Capacity65 ltrs
Compartment1 large
Extra FeaturesSeparate mesh pocket, Adjustable straps, Closing cap, Hood area, Shoe compartment

This lifestyle bag gives not only style but also some unique functions and features. This bag is soft, lightweight, and tough with plenty of space. Hyper Adam comes with one large section with the area of approx 65 Ltr, big enough to carry a 17″ laptop, books, clothes, and camping things. 

It also has a front pocket, top zipper pocket, two side net pouch pockets, and two adjustable confining straps, which allows you to adjust the width of the bag by your terms.

With this backpack, your trip goes perfectly without any worries. How? Here is the answer; it comes with a one shoe section attached to the front side, which is quite huge to put a pair of shoes quickly. It also comes with an artful army-style 8 adjustable straps, which all help you be very comfortable while traveling.

However, its padded waist belt is soft enough to fit on your waist and give full support. Overall this hiking bag is a complete package for everyone to meet their terms.

The Good

  • Easy To Carry.
  • Spacious capacity.
  • Water Resistant body.
  • 100% Genuine Product.
  • Light and durable bag.
  • Stylish Multi-purpose rucksack bag.
  • Adjustable straps and two net pockets.
  • Bottom bag stud made of rubber to guard the bottom surface.

The Bad

  • No rain casing included.
  • Not laptop compatible.


All in one bag, best for trekking, camping, traveling, and even hiking with 65 L spacious space. With this backpack, you will never get bored as its eye-catching color and style always keep it always fresh.

7. Impulse Waterproof Backpack ​

Impulse Waterproof Bag


Key Specifications
Size12 x 8 x 27 inches
ColorBlue/ Black
Weight890 g
Capacity55 ltrs
Compartment1 large
Extra FeaturesExtendable handle, Adjustable strap, Hoop zip pocket, Hip belt, Two web pockets

Impulse Rucksack created for true adventure enthusiasts who love extended trips. These Rucksacks are as lasting as you are, as they offer all the aid that you need while traveling with travel gears and tools. Its sportive design and robust material quality make it an absolute travel partner that always keeps you ready for the way. It features multiple areas and a huge 55 L storage room to leave nothing from hiking material to personal stuff.

This rucksack is made of a superb waterproof material, which is ideal for exploring in any weather. It also comes with two mesh pockets, two zip pockets on the hood, and an s-shaped shoulder band in an ergonomic design with quilted support and soft edge. However, its aired back panel provides full air ventilation between the bag and the wearer’s back by allowing proper diffusion of moisture.

For added comfort, this rucksack comes with multiple backup support systems. The backpack with rain cover in hood zip, the 2 side compression strap to make the bag compact, and the hip belt to transfer some of the weight to your hip for ease of taking.

The Good

  • Carry enough of the load.
  • Two side pockets for the bottle.
  • Less pressure shoulder pads.
  • Good for every gender.
  • Rain resistant body with rain cover.
  • It has an individual shoe compartment.
  • Two air channels and a 3D air mesh ventilation system.

The Bad

  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Not laptop compatible.


Explore the world with Impulse Waterproof backpack with a spacious room. This spacious 55 Litres Rucksack is made with super solid polyester fabric to withstand almost anything the trip throws at it.

8. Gleam 0109 Climate Proof Mountain Bag​

Gleam Climate Proof Bag


Key Specifications
Size40 x 42 x 85 cm
ColorBlack/ Grey
Weight1.2 kg
Capacity75 ltrs
Compartment1 large
Extra FeaturesAdjustable waist belt, Shoe compartment, Rain cover, Zipper hood

Are you planning to go on a long trip and wondering which trekking backpack will suit your needs? Then here is this Mountain rucksack from Gleam, a climate-resistant gear. It comes with several impressive features to make your life easier on the road. Its massive 75 L space is divided into specific areas to keep your essentials well-sorted. 

The shoe compartment in the bottom is supported by a metal frame to ensure increased back support. This main compartment keeps your trail footwear and worn clothes well-sorted and separated from each other.

Moreover, it comes with a rain shelter stored away in a separate zippered section at the bottom to protect the belongings from wet weather. Plus, its robust frame and quilted shoulder bands give you more help as you conquer the ways. It also comes with a flexible waistband built to offer you more support as you take on the open roads.

However, you’ve only seen a backpack hood with one pocket, but this comes with external and internal pockets to give you a more natural path to those items that you might need to reach out to more often.

The Good

  • Adjustable bands & Straps.
  • Less pressure shoulder pads.
  • The metal frame shoe section.
  • The bottom zipper includes a rain cover.
  • Spacious, lightweight, and tough.
  • Weather-resistant internal and external body.

The Bad

  • 1 large chamber.
  • Not laptop compatible.
  • Simple and common design.


Planning to go on a trip or trekking takes this spacious, lightweight, and strong bag. Try this robust weather-resistant backpack available in the excellent price range with same function as expensive ones, which pack all the essentials and even more sorted way.​​

9. Mufubu Unbarred Rucksack for Trekking​

Mufubu Rucksack for Trekking


Key Specifications
Size32 x 24 x 65 cms
ColorBlack/ Blue
Weight330 g
Capacity55 ltrs
Compartment1 large
Extra FeaturesCap closure, shoe section, adjustable straps

Go hiking with this spacious luggage, a great companion for your travel. Mufubu is all about fantastic design and quality, which set you apart from the crowd. This hiking or trekking sack is one example of styling and function. However, this is one of the lightweight, comfortable, durable sack that meet all the requirements of both men and women. Its 55 L capacity is vast, which lets you store your hiking tools and belongings with ease.

Though, the broad and adjustable straps deliver the weight equally on your shoulders, allowing for a relaxed trekking event. It also comes with two separate web pockets so you can keep your bottle near you instead of storing inside. Not to worry about any weather taking this weather-resistant travel sack to your trip and enjoying the fullest. It is durable enough to keep your belongings safe and dry. Although the sack has a special shoe compartment that holds the dust away from your clothes.

The Good

  • Easy to open long string runner zip.
  • Long-lasting & Waterproof fabric.
  • 55 liters large spacious part.
  • Equipped with a cap closure
  • 8 adjustable straps.
  • Bottom stud made of rubber.

The Bad

  • 1 large chamber.
  • Not laptop compatible.


Get this ultralight and ultra-durable backpack for your next trip. It comes with all the possible features a traveler looks in a rucksack. This is a spacious bag with separate pockets for different purposes, so you can easily pack the clothes and other items differently.

10. Impulse Inverse Waterproof Backpack​

Impulse Inverse Backpack


Key Specifications
Size61 x 30.5 x 25.4 cm
Material900D 100% Polyester
Weight990 g
Capacity65 ltrs
Compartment1 large
Extra FeaturesFront pocket, hood pocket, 3D airmesh ventilation, Rain cover

Last but not least, another product from Impulse, with more durability and high-performance material. This luggage is made with 100% 900 D polyester, which makes this gear a weathered stable. It is capable enough to keep the stuff safe from rain. This is a perfect gear for outdoor activities. Hence its 65 L room allows you to carry each vital thing you need in your trip. Plus, its PU coated polyester base that stands well against wear and tear.

However, it is somehow the same as other models but with some advanced functions. It features various pockets to give all the room required to stay actively organized. It has an inverted shoe pocket, side web pockets, hood and front pocket, to hold everything you need.

For added convenience, its S-shaped shoulder bands are ergonomically created with quilted support and soft edges. Its comfort makes it ideal for anyone. However, it comes with multiple backup support system and air mesh ventilation to keep the wearer’s back dry.

The Good

  • Ideal for outdoor actions.
  • Ideal backpack for everyone.
  • Side mesh pocket with an easy path.
  • Multiple pouches with enough space.
  • Attractive structure and eye-catching color.
  • Come with an adjustable S-shaped shoulder and waist belt.

The Bad

  • Costly.
  • Not laptop compatible.
  • 1-year manufacture warranty.


Impulse Rucksacks provide to the needs of travelers who love to explore the world. This sportive rucksack design and robust quality make it an ideal travel partner that keeps you ready for the road. Enjoy its durable multiple functions and vast storage room for not leaving a nip behind.

Best Rucksack Bag Brands

Rucksack Bag
  • Aristocrat
  • Fastrack
  • Gleam
  • Hyper Adam
  • Impulse
  • Mufubu
  • Polestar
  • Tripole
  • Wildcraft

How to choose a Rucksack Bags?​

Best Rucksack Bag

Have you ever stuck between like what are the essential factors I should consider while buying a trekking bag?

Maybe yes, because there are so many points a person views in their backpack. But what are the main features you should consider? The answer is right here if you are confused by looking at so many traits.

The rules or factors that should be kept in mind while buying a rucksack backpack are:-

  • Waterproof Material

When it comes to trekking in the mountains, there are 100% chances of weather changing in a click and results of rain and snow and leave your gears wet. So the first important thing you should address is its water-resistant or waterproof body. Some backpacks in the market do not come with rain cover aid, but their material is waterproof. Still, if you get some doubt about its durability, always go with a backpack that offers rain cover.

  • Size & Weight

This is probably the most crucial thought when choosing a hiking gear. The rucksacks are available in various sizes ranging from 32 L to more than 80L. So how will you pick which size is best for you? It depends on your trip days and the kind of stuff you want to carry. For small day trekking, consider around 8-10 L backpack, but a day backpack that would take the least you require for a day in the hills would more fit have to be around 25-30 L capacity. And the last suggestion for your long tours, winter hiking, or possible overnight stops at the size around 45-50 L to hold the extra gear. It smoothly carries all your clothes, utility stuff like laptops, cameras, headphones, towels, shaving kit, etc. and camping equipment, sleeping bags, shelter, and mat.

However, a shelter, camping equipment, sleeping bags, and the backpack will be the heavier pieces of equipment you will pick on your next hiking trip. Almost all packs come with an inner case for back support, which adds up to the weight. Check for comfortable straps with quilted stuffing at the back, and shoulder band so that it doesn’t hurt your shoulder while trekking. That is why it is vital to have a backpack with lightweight and well soft stuffing that reduces the overall weight you will carry.

  • Comfort

Trekking and hiking in the mountains is a tiresome task and required a lot of energy and stamina. You don’t want your favorite rucksack to pull you back when you aim to go forward. So it’s safer to pick a rucksack with adjustable shoulder, waist belt, and chest straps. By this, you can modify your backpack to be balanced while walking and fit you nicely. So it is important that you feel comfortable while wearing it. However, always check the material and comfortable strap so that it doesn’t pressure and hurt your shoulder while trekking.

It is an important factor that determines how comfortable the weight will feel on your back, shoulder, and hips. Too much padding can also cause awkward and uncomfortable loads against your body over time. A decent backpack with decent padding causes less strain on the back and makes you comfortable carrying a big sack.

Trekking Backpack
  • Ventilation

Hiking and trekking are something a hard and exciting adventure that requires lots of strength. And that lots of power lead to sweaty bodies. Somewhere going for trekking in hot summers give you dripping wet, sweaty back. You can bypass this by making sure your gear has a ventilation back panel. In that way, heat and sweat will evaporate before you even feel it.

Today most of the low and expensive outdoor gear manufactures are producing bags with a well-planned airing system with a mesh back. In that way, you don’t sweat because the heat disappears through the mesh and keep you cool all the time, same with the shoulder straps.

  • Types of the backpack frame

There are basically 3 types of frames you will get in trekking bags.

  1. Frameless Backpack – These types of packs come with no frame and tend to be ultralight. Those who like to climb fast can consider a frameless pack in their wishlist. These packs generally have medium-sized or volume and can be used for day trip activities or lightweight travel. There are also some backpacks in which you can remove the frame to lessen the weight.
  2. Internal frame –These frames are mounted inside, which is not visible from the outside. Rucksack with the inner frame provides better durability and generally are lightweight. They keep your back straight without any pain. It includes metal strips, metal frames, or lightweight hard plain material.
  3. External Frame – This type of frame may be a relevant pick if you’re carrying heavy, irregular loads. However, they are visible from the outside. They are heavy as compare to the internal frame, but can be removed whenever you wish. Its gap between the body keeps the ventilation on and your back sweat-free.
  • Extra Features

If you want some extra features in your rucksack, always look for a detachable backpack and some expandable sections. This would help you to store extra items outside your backpack. Some packs are designed with a removable top lid and day pack. These small packs come with a capacity of 10-25 L ideal for short trips around your camping site when you don’t wish to carry a whole loaded rucksack. On the other hand, an expandable section around the top allows users to raise the height and, so, the bag’s storage capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1.  What size backpack should I take for traveling?

First, it depends on your days of traveling, how long you are going to be travel. If it’s a 1-day tour, go with 15-40 L capacity, 3-5 days trip – 50-80 L, and if you’re going for more then 5 days, buy a 70+ L rucksack. However, there is no need to get more than 70 L at the VERY maximum, girls are better off with 50-55 L, and boys are better off with 60-65 l.

2. Is polyester backpacks waterproof?

Most of the trekking backpacks are built by using Polyester and Nylon, and both are water-resistant. However, Polyester holds better than Nylon. The Polyester water-resistance properties increase as the thread count rises. Another quality that improves the waterproofing is a coating applied to the material that makes it durable, tear, and water-resistant. Hence, Polyester is a viral material specially used for outdoor clothing and backpacks.

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