Best School Bags in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Picks To Buy

1. Cosmus Osaka

Cosmus Osaka

2. American Tourister Popin

American Tourister Popin

3. Ohuhu Double Rectangular Bag

Satellite Casual Backpack

It’s that time arrives for the year where you know that your kids will be going to have a new school bag. As the new academic year arrivals, the bags’ urge and need also rises for all age group boys and girls. Kids have their own world in school and liking for backpacks, but it is your duty to give them the best facilities and accessories to meet their needs. 

Surely the school bags are the most charming thing carried to school to appear stylish among the group or look uber cool. Overall, the right backpack is the most crucial organization device, not for just school purposes, but can also be used as a travel backpack if it has enough space. 

To make things easier, we’ve got your back and prepared the list of top-rated stylish backpacks. 

Here you go with Best School Bags that will assist college as well as high-school students. At the end of the post, we’ve covered all the crucial features in our buying guide, which will definitely make your purchases much easier. 

So let’s get started. 

Top 10 School Bags in India 2020

 School Bags CapacityWeightCompartments
Cosmus COSMUS Osaka 32 L685 g2
American Tourister American Tourister Popin 31 L425 g2
SATELLITE Satellite Casual Backpack 33 L2
Skybags Skybags Bingo Plus 32 L 420 g3
Wildcraft Wildcraft 11988 Blue Backpack 28.5 L531 g2
Lavie Lavie Sport 34 L599 g3
Lunar Lunar school bag 35 L3
Auxter Auxter Music Casual backpack 33 L399 g2
Polestar Polestar Amaze 65 L299 g2
KLIFY KLIFY School, College, Travel Bag 31 L399 g2

Which are the Top 10 Best School Bags in India 2020?

1. COSMUS Osaka Laptop Cum School Backpack

Cosmus Osaka


Size: 13 x 18.5 x 8 inchesMaterial: PU Coated Polyester
Color: OrangeWeight: 685 g
Capacity: 32 LCompartment: 2 large
Extra Features: Two front pockets, Side Pockets, Well cushioned

Cosmus Osaka laptop backpack is perfect for everyday use due to its strong, durable fabric. Cosmus Osaka is made of high-grade waterproof PU coated polyester fabric that gives it strength and makes it tough for long-term use. 

It features two large sections, one with a well-padded laptop pouch, and another middle one is big enough to hold your textbooks and other belongings. It also has two front zipper pockets, which helps you store your phone, wallet, pen, USB charge and many more items.

Osaka laptop cum school backpack has well-cushioned and thick adjustable shoulder straps that make you feel it lighter, relieve the stress on your shoulders, and give your back comfort and good support. This backpack is designed to suit your style & travel journey with its water-resistant body, which keeps your things dry on a rainy day.


2. American Tourister Popin

American Tourister Popin


Size: 33 x 21 x 47 cmsMaterial: Polyester
Color: BlueWeight: 425 g
Capacity: 31 LCompartment: 2 large
Extra Features: Internal organizer, Extra pockets, Soft quilted Handle

Another backpack from the top-rated brand known for top quality suitcases, bags, luggage, etc. The brand always takes pride in making stylish, high quality, and yeah, fun backpacks, so how the design speaks itself.

Introducing Popin, a durable, spacious bag with bright, eye-catching print and color. This lightweight & roomy bag comes with 2 main compartments and 1 front access section that make it ideal for your college, office, school, or travel. It is equipped with an internal organizer that provides easy access to your charger, stationery, or whatever you need on the go.

Plus, it has a padded mesh shoulder & back with a breathable system for better support. It also comes with pockets on both sides to hold your bottle or umbrella for a useful path.


3. SATELLITE 33 LTR Casual Backpack

Satellite Casual Backpack


Size: 44 x 32 x 22 cmsMaterial: Polyester
Color: BlackWeight: NA
Capacity: 33 LCompartment: 2 large
Extra Features: Solid zip pullers, Adjustable buckles, Internal small sections

This funky design casual and school bag is made from durable & lite weight polyester fabric that makes it perfect for an active lifestyle. Foam padded adjustable band and back make it easy and comfortable to carry all day long.

It features two large section one with an internal mesh pocket organizer for valuable items and another one to hold all big things like textbooks, files, etc. It also has one large front zipper pocket to keep a quick access thing for on the go. Satellite 33 L backpack is designed in mind for daily use, office, school, travel, etc. Its funky bright white attractive print makes it best for every generation. 

This bag is well-cushioned, starting from straps to padded base for providing relief while carrying it. However, all sections have a secure zipper finishing and feature two-side mesh pockets for holding the water bottle or whatever you want. The fabric is waterproof, which makes this bag long-lasting and fascinating.


4. Skybags Bingo Plus 04 Casual cum School Backpack

Skybags Bingo Plus


Size: 34 x 23 x 48 cmsMaterial: Nylon
Color: Green/YellowWeight: 420 g
Capacity: 32 LCompartment: 3
Extra Features: Internal pockets, Keyholder

The Bingo Plus 04 is an attractive yellow/green combined bag made of durable Nylon fabric. This is a perfect bag for school kids, as many schools demand their students to carry all their books with them, and as such, kids are often overloaded with books. So if you are on the view for a durable and spacious school bag, then give a closer look at this.

This bag has an attractive design and shade, which makes you look stylish. It has three large sections, each with tight zipper finish to carry all the textbooks and even if you want to take it on some tour. One of the compartments has well-organized section pockets and file holder to keep your small items safe. However, this bag comes with both edge pockets, ventilated back, and adjustable cushioned straps to give full comfort and stress-free shoulder.


5. Wildcraft 11988 Blue Backpack

Wildcraft School Backpack


Size: 31.8 x 19.1 x 47 cmsMaterial: Polyester
Color: BlueWeight: 531 g
Capacity: 28.5 LCompartment: 2 spacious
Extra Features: Quick access pockets, Padded back & straps, Side pockets

Investing in a bag for your kid or yourself is something that leads to your style and purpose. However, this brand is well-known for its superb range of bags and backpacks. This casual range from Wildcraft is specially designed for teenagers who love using fancy and bright-colored packs.

With this 28.5 L bag, you can carry a lot in its 2 large sections. It is made of robust polyester fabric with water repellent and lightweight quality to make it tough to withstand in any situation. It features a well-cushioned back panel and shoulder straps to prevent stress and make you feel lighter. It also has a front quick-access pocket and double-headed secure zipper closure. The noticeable design of this bag makes its fascinating, and is perfect for everyday use.


6. Lavie Sport 34 Ltrs Teal School Backpack

Lavie Sport Bag


Size: 49 x 33 x 21 cmsMaterial: Polyester
Color: TealWeight: 599 g
Capacity: 34 LCompartment: 3
Extra Features: Multi pocket organizer, Robust mesh padding, Twin pockets

Lavie is a favorite brand among many fashionable millennials today. The company started its growth from 2010 and now comes in the race of top-rated brands. They sell a vast range of school bags along with the handbags. However, the company blends the fashion and function in this school bag. It is well crafted by polyester material in teal color with pink flourish print for girls. It has an eye-soothing color combination, which makes the crowd stare you.

The bag has a three spacious room with an internal mesh organized pocket, making it perfect gear to carry many schools or travel essentials. This stylish sack for girls is equipped with an adjustable & breathable shoulder strap and back, which keeps your back aligned and stress-free.


7. Lunar 35 Ltrs Casual School Bag

Lunar Casual Backpack


Size: 49 x 36 x 2 cmsMaterial: Polyester
Color: RedWeight: NA
Capacity: 35 LCompartment: 3
Extra Features: Breathable fabric, Reinforced Bartack, Adjustable band

A sporty casual, school, and travel sack from Lunar made of Polyester with multiple color options. This backpack has the perfect room for carrying all your essentials on a working day. With its three large sections and one front quick access zipper pocket, you can hold this bag for multiple uses. This bag can become your smart choice if you travel often or need daily use gear.

Crafted with tough material with attractive features and color made to suit both men and women. The bag comes with an ergonomic mesh padding on the back panel and shoulder band to make you feel comfortable while carrying even on a hot day. This gear has a 1 side bottle holder, 1 internal organizer to store pens, keys, money, etc.


8. AUXTER Music Casual backpack I School Bagpack

Auxter School Bag


Size: 45 x 32 x 22 cmsMaterial: Polyester
Color: BlackWeight: 399 g
Capacity: 33 LCompartment: 2
Extra Features: Well padded, Front zipper pocket, Internal organizer, Asjustable straps

This bag is made of durable and lite weight material to give you or students comfort on shoulders. The black chic music print design makes this bag ideal for unisex class. It has two large sections to carry enough of your belonging for trips or textbooks for school. It is a multi-purpose backpack with one extra front zipper section on the front to keep essential items on the go.

However, Auxter assures comfort to its customers; that’s why this bag is the most-liked and well-rated gear. It has anti-theft internal organizer mesh pouches that keep small items well-organized. Along with 1 side pocket, which allows you to keep whatever you want. Its well-padded and adjustable buckle and back panel deliver maximum cushioning and support.


9. Polestar Amaze 30 LTR School/Travel Backpack

Polestar Casual School Bag


Size: 46 x 32 x 20 cmsMaterial: Polyester
Color: Black/RedWeight: 299 g
Capacity: 65 LCompartment: 2
Extra Features: Padded shoulder band, Laptop section, Secure pockets

This casual backpack from POLE STAR is the ideal travel buddy for long-distance tours and school drives. It is crafted from polyester material and comes with a large capacity of 30 L, which means a perfect gear to carry many schools or travel essentials. It has two spacious compartments with enough space to take 2-3 days of clothes, multiple files, folders, and notebooks.

The stylish print and color combination make this bag unisex and suit many occasions. It is equipped with easy to adjust padded straps and cushioned back to release stress and increase comfort. Although it has an amazing internal secret pocket section, keyholder, and top loop handle which provides a secure hold while you pick up or move the backpack.


10. KLIFY School, Travel, College Bag

Klify school bag


Size: 31 x 22 x 47Material: Polyester
Color: TealWeight: 399 g
Capacity: 31 LCompartment: 2 spacious
Extra Features: Earphone socket, Inner pockets, Rain cover

Buying a school bag is a difficult task because kids want a stylish backpack, but as parents, they know the value. A school bag should have spacious compartments to carry enough textbooks, lunch boxes, and other essential items a student needs in school. Here is this Klify 31 L school/travel backpack with 2 large sections and 1 front section for easy access. The compartments have enough space to carry 1-2 day cloths and of course books.

The bag also has a separate padded pocket for laptop and internal organizer sections to keep a pen, phone, notepad, etc. However, it has a pouch for holding bottles on both sides, padded shoulder and air mesh back for better ventilation, keeping your back dry and comfortable.


Most Popular School Bag Brands

  • American Tourister
  • Auxter
  • Best School BagCosmus
  • Klify
  • Lavie
  • Lunar
  • Pole Star
  • Satellite
  • Skybags
  • Wildcraft

How To Choose a School Bag?

How To Choose School Bag

Not all bags are made uniformly; buying the right school backpack is an important choice that you need to make for your child. To make a choice easier, we are listing a few important things that you should acknowledge while purchasing.

  • Find the Right Size 

The first step while shopping for a school backpack is picking the right size. School bags serve to get overstuffed. A larger one may fit more amounts and gear, but it may lead to heaviness and cause back pain or other issues if you fill it too much. Or buying to the small bag makes things messy for the kids and less flexible for you as a parent.

So, instead of choosing just any bag, make sure the purpose and buy it according to the books and course. Until and unless your kid hit the high school or college, where they came up with only 4 to 5 textbooks to carry around at any time. Make sure you get a bag that is roomy quite to fit all of your needs easily.

  • Perfect Fit 

Here comes the next most important point after size, that bag with a right fitting, which includes adjustable shoulder band and a well-padded back panel. The strap should be well adjustable to sit securely against your back’s strongest part without any hurt. As all we know, school backpacks for adults or kids will be heavy, so choosing a bag with wide and adjustable padded band and back is crucial for proper support on the shoulder and fit the body.

However, having quilted shoulders and back helps reduce stress, and their durability speaks how much weight a person can carry. For additional support, some large bags come with waist straps, which have been found handy to give extra support.

Moreover, ensure that your kid bag should have two wide straps as one shoulder strap can cause alignment problems and neck pains, plus not good for school going kids. They look good only on college children’s or while riding a bike.

  • Designing 

Many children want to buy bags with colorful patterns and styles that match their uniforms or can make other friends insecure with their pick. However, this thing is common among school groups to show-off their bags and other gears. It’s always having fun to get a funky backpack that reflects the personality and sticks out in the crowd. Just because a bag is practical, doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Best School Bag

Wild colors and crazy patterns keep the mood fresh and energetic as they go great on any clothes you dress. A backpack is more of an investment, so if your fashion choice leads to change quickly, then you should hold something neutral and plain that can be graced up with stylish key-chain, batches, etc. Or, in color case, if you consider the fact that light colors get messy more often, then we would suggest you go with darker shades or just wash your light shade bag frequently.

  • Compartments 

One of the main roles of a bag is where you are using it for school or some traveling. A backpack should have enough space or compartment to hold whatever you want. Look at the number of sections. Small spaces are great for storing private items, mobile, stationery, etc. However, if you want something for daily use, then target a backpack with a massive volume.

Many of the school bags have assigned laptop parts and mesh water bottle sacs for keeping things in a well-organized manner. Moreover, many bags have a separate section for tiffin, too, to stop food spills for damaging the books or your clothes or whatever you wish to keep in your bag.

Best School Bags

  • Check the Material and Zipper Quality 

The bag’s fabric will decide how easy it is to clean, heavy it feels, and its breathability. Most backpacks are made of synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, and PU, which is widely used for their permanent point. They are also water-resistant and easier to drain during the rains. On the other hand, leather bags can get heavy and peel off over time, so they are generally not favored for school use but can be opted by college-going adults.

Next, also pay some attention to the small details like zippers and the stitching in the bag. Make sure to look almost at the closures for the pockets and main compartment. Always choose double-headed zippers as they are firm enough and easiest to access. Plus, the zippers should also be heavy-duty and water-resistant.

  • Accessibility 

Last but not the least, how accessible is your bag? When you’re doing online shopping or searching some shops for school backpacks, look at its extra features like internal or external pockets, and wide mouth. It always feels like a blessing to have multiple pockets not just for use, but it also adds some sort of styling feature.

Best school bag

Having a laptop sleeve in the main pocket is great, without taking all your stuff and save a lot of time.

In most cases, additional pockets on the front or inside the bag is even more useful. These pockets allow you to store small things like lip balm, earphones, pens, etc., to save you from the mess of finding them. Always think for organization and functionality that will make your things easy to find and convenient when you’re on the move.

Once you’ve decided on a backpack that fits all your needs and looks great, you’re set to go back to school!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which fabric is right for school bags?

Most backpacks are made of synthetic materials like Nylon, Polyester, and PU, giving a enduring performance. However, Nylon & Polyester are the most popular pack materials. Even leather works excellent, but they get the skin off over time, so they are generally not favored for school use.

2. What size is perfect for school backpacks?  

The regular size of your bag depends on the purpose of the carrying bag. A school backpack of 21 to 34 liters is the most common size. Or for college going guy, the perfect size should be 18.5″, for 8 yrs – adult 17″, and 12-15″ for a toddler.

3. How do I protect my backpack from rain?

Rain can ruin your belongings if your backpack is not waterproof. Even if it is semi-waterproof, you need a rain cover for your bag to protect it from sudden weather change. However, many companies provide extra rain cover with their backpack. Or if your backpack material is 100% waterproof, then you don’t need to worry at all.

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