Best Sleeping Bags in India – [February 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

1. BLEQYS Single Person Sleeping Bag

BLEQYS Single Person Sleeping Bag


2. Kefi Outdoor Rectangular Bag

Kefu Outdoor Big Box


Camping or trekking is about exploring nature in the day and under the gorgeous stars on a chilly night. To enjoy this kind of blissful night’s in the woods, you need the proper gear to feel cozy and control the shivering.

No matter where you go from camping to enjoying a night at your lawn, a sleeping bag is a must-have mate. With so many different sleeping bags available, you can enjoy cozy sleep almost anywhere. Whether you are looking for extra covers at home or something lightweight and warm for car camping & adventure, you have to start it all by selecting the right sleeping bag.

A sleeping bag is a fundamental piece of kit for any outdoor adventure trip, and finding the right one with so many varieties could be a little chaotic.

To help you with your next trip, we’ve prepared the list of Best Sleeping Bags for every traveler, camper, trekker, and hiker. We’ve also covered all the crucial features in our buying guide located below the post, which will definitely help you find what you are looking for.

Top 10 Sleeping Bags in India 2021​

Sleeping BagsMaterialShapeTemperature Range
BLEQYS Single Person Bag Polyester & NylonSemi-Rectangular32-77 ℉ / 0-25 ℃
Kefi Outdoors Big Box Polyester & PolycotSemi-Rectangular+15 °C /+10 °C
Ohuhu double-wide Bag PolyesterDouble Wide Rectangular32~50°F
STC Sleeping Bag Cum Mattress Polyester & Hollow CottonSemi-RectangularPerfect for 1°C
Coleman Pathfinder Ripstop PolyesterMummy18°C / 3°C
Coleman Atlantic PolyesterRectangular+ 8 °c, + 4 °c, -10 °c
Harissons Sleep Sac PolyesterRectangular22°c to 6°c
Kefi Outdoors Army Polyester & NylonMummy10 to 0°C
Trajectory PolyesterMummy15°C
Voroly Waterproof Sack PolyesterMummy5°c, 0°c, 5°c

Which are the Top 10 Best Sleeping Bags in India 2021?​

1. BLEQYS Waterproof Sleeping Bag ​

BLEQYS Single Person Sleeping Bag


Key Specifications
Size190 x 75 cms
MaterialPolyester Pongee
Outer Material290T Nylon
Weight0.95 kg
Temperature Range32-77 ℉ / 0-25 ℃

BLEQYS presents a lightweight and portable sleeping bag for camping and indoor activities. It weighs around 0.95 kg, making it portable for hiking, camping, backpacking, and travel activities. The outer cover lining material is kind of waterproof and breathable that represents comfort and strength to face any situation. This bag insists on providing high-quality wherever you go.

However, this three-season bag is designed for the comfort temperature range of 60°f to 50°f and extreme use down to 25°f. Although it’s warm (200gsm) inner filling makes it great for indoor sleepovers or summer use.

This sleeping bag is a space saver with a big storage pouch, a small self-adhesive pocket, and allows it to fit easily in any rucksack or trekking bag. The combined left-zip and right-zip design make it a dual sleeping bag that can be used as a quilt or mat.

The Good

  • Portable.
  • Machine wash.
  • Windproof Collar.
  • Envelope style mat.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Water-resistance material.
  • Two-way anti-snag zippers.
  • Warm and extreme comfort.

The Bad

  • One person sleeping bag.


If you travel a lot, no matter in which season, then this three-season bag is for you, which is kind of waterproof and breathable. Enjoy its soft padding, which keeps you extra warm while sleeping and can be used as a quilt or mat.

2. Kefi Outdoors Big Box Rectangular Shaped​

Kefu Outdoor Big Box


Key Specifications
Size215 x 79 cms
Inner MaterialPolycot Blended liner
Weight1250 g
Temperature RangeComfort : +15 °C , Limit : +10 °C

The Kefi outdoor big bag is a new rectangular-style lightweight and compact bag. The bag is filled with warmth-trapping Supraloft four-channel deep fiber lining in single-layer construction. However, this bag is the widest sleeping bag in its category.

It comes with a snag-free, double puller two-way zipper with top and bottom opening for better ventilation. An adjustable drawing string half-circular hood construction surrounds the head and body to eliminates the potential of freezing points. You can even adjust the bottom zipper for extra coolness on warmer nights.

Kefi sleeping bag furnishes with high-quality polyester fabric and soft lining made from Polycot. This fabric makes the bag lightweight and comfortable enough to fits up to an adult height of 6ft 3-inch. It can be compressed easily and rolled into a polyester stuff sack provided with it.

The Good

  • Soft lining.
  • Warm and comfortable.
  • Fit up to 6ft 3-inch adult.
  • Lightweight Rectangular bag.
  • Machine and hand wash safe.
  • Include pillow and storage sack.
  • The drawstring hood keeps the body warm.
  • Anti-snag two-way zippers for secure closure.

The Bad

  • No internal pockets.


Those who like a bit more room in their bag at night will enjoy this oversized sleeping bag rated to +10 degrees Celsius. It is capable of fitting up top 6ft 3-inch adults and makes perfect for weekend trips, camping festivals, bike packing, and hiking.

3. Ohuhu Wide Sleeping Bag with 2 Pillows ​

Ohuhu Double Sleeping Sack


Key Specifications
Size87 x 59 inch
Material210T Polyester
Weight430 g
ShapeDouble Wide Rectangular
Temperature Range32~50°F

Now here we go with the double-wide sleeping bag ideal for couples who travel together a lot. The sleeping bag is equipped with a 2-way zipper that allows you to close and open it from different areas and can be detached to become two individual sleeping mats. Like others, this, too, is suitable for any weather condition. This sleeping sack is crafted with high-quality water-resistant material and filled with rich cotton that works for cloud-like ease.

This sleeping mat comes with a carrying bag that can be compressed up to 13″ for quick and convenient portability. It acts as a giant sleeping bag that comfortably fits two happy pairs and provides two pillows accessibility.

The Good

  • 2 in 1 use bag.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Couple friendly.
  • Super cozy and comfy.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Can be detached into two.
  • Stands against all weather.
  • Include a carrying bag and pillows.

The Bad

  • No color options.
  • No warranty year mentioned.


Whether you are traveling alone or with your partner, this 2 in 1 use bag combines into a large one for a cozy bed for two and can be detached for only you. Enjoy your camping night with this durable sleeping sack that withstands in any weather.

4. STC Camouflage Sleeping Mattress Cum Bag ​

STC Sleeping sack


Key Specifications
Size200 x 70 cms
MaterialPolyester & Hollow Cotton
Weight299 g
Temperature RangePerfect for 1°C

The top fourth on our list is a multi-purpose sleeping bag. This STC product with a Camouflage design in green color makes it more attractive and worth the price. However, we’ve picked this product for our list because of its good quality material with an inner blanket that makes it a perfect sleeping bag for camping, hiking, or adventure trips. This is a 1 person bag that can be even used as a mattress if you have a camp to put it in.

It is a mummy shaped bag that comes with a cape and gives full warmness and comfort whether you use it in the autumn, spring or summer, or winters. The waterproof polyester fabric and cotton filling making it ideal for any weather. This ultralightweight also comes with an easy to carry bag that can be folded, rolled, and kept in any rucksack or trekking bag. STC sleeping bag is perfect for 0-degree temp and fits almost between 5.5ft to 5.10ft adult.

The Good

  • Best for extremely cold conditions.
  • Attractive Camouflage design.
  • Waterproof material.
  • Ideal for every season.
  • Include cape and inner blanket.
  • Lightweight and convenient with a bag.

The Bad

  • 3-month warranty
  • No internal pocket.
  • 1 person bag.


Though it is an excellent sleeping bag to own, as its inner blanket makes you feel comfy and cozy. Our advice is if you are looking for a trendy looking sleeping bag, which is also cheap, then this is the one for you.

5. Coleman Pathfinder Mummy Sleeping Bag ​

Coleman Pathfinder


Key Specifications
Size200 x 80 x 55 cms
MaterialRipstop Polyester
Weight1.7 kg
Temperature Range-18°C to 3°C

Coleman is one of the leading brands in the USA in outdoor and camping products. This Pathfinder bag from Coleman is a lightweight mummy sleeping bag with a hood that provides additional warmth and insulation and can be stored in a tiny space too. The sleeping mat comes with a squeezing valve for compact storage and transportation, making it ideal for motorcyclists, cyclists, or backpackers.

Despite this, it is treated with a microfibre synthetic lining, offering lots of relaxation and comfort during use. Plus, you can even store it in a sturdy weatherproof Dry Gear Bag with a compression valve that makes it easy to transport and fit in any backpack.

The Coleman also has a ZipPlow Zipper that works by directing the fabric away from the zip, thus ensuring a smooth zip-up every time. It also has safe storage inner pockets that keep your valuable close at hand no matter where you are camping. Thanks to its Thermolock zipper baffle, which reduces heat loss through zipper coils and won’t feel the breeze coming in. The material makes this bag durable and warm that can withstand 3 seasons’ temperatures.

The Good

  • Washable.
  • Comfort and Warmth.
  • Easy fit in any backpack.
  • Thermo lock zipper baffle.
  • Weatherproof Dry Gear Bag.
  • Safe internal storage pocket.
  • Diamond Ripstop Polyester shell.
  • Ideal for motorcyclists, cyclists, or backpackers.

The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Difficult to roll back and fit in its bag.
  • Fails to keep warm at -2 degrees.


Overall it is an excellent choice for bikers, as not all the sleeping sacks can be pressed as much as this one. Plus, this mummy-form bag is built for 3 seasons temperatures with durable and warm fabric.

6. Coleman Polyester Atlantic Lite ​

Coleman Atlantic Lite


Key Specifications
Size190 x 84 cms
Inner MaterialSynthetic Fibre
Weight1250 g
Temperature Rangecomfort (+ 8 °c), max (+ 4 °c), extreme (-10 °c)

Another product from Coleman is the rectangular-shaped Atlantic with a small pack size, especially for low temperatures. Its generous dimensions ensure that you will get a great sleep even when the temp starts to drop. People as tall as 5’11” will find this comfortable as it is compact to transport and ultra-lightweight.

It features a snag-free zipper and ensures extra smooth opening and closing of the warm travel sleep sacks. It also has a small interior pocket to keep your valuables close at hand. However, its comfort cuff edge design adds plush and warmth to your face while you sleep.

The Good

  • Safe for washing.
  • Comfortable cuff edge.
  • Easy packaging system.
  • Smooth zipper operation.
  • Thermo lock zipper baffle.
  • Ideal for low temp weather.
  • Synthetic Coletherm provides better heat.

The Bad

  • One person worth.
  • One-way zipper opening.


A light, well compressible rectangular sleeping bag ideal for 5’11” adult with small pack size. Its thermo channel throughout the zipper, comfort collar, and the curling aid’ roll control’ makes it easy to transport and use in low temperature range.

7. Harissons Reversible Sleep Sack​

Harissons Sleeping Sack


Key Specifications
Size221 x 71 x 75 cms
Inner MaterialPolyfill
Weight852 g
Temperature RangeComfort :22°c to 6°c

Harrisons a brand that has been giving quality traveling goods to its consumers since 1959. The main reason to use it on our list is its reversible art that gives the bag two unique looks. This reversible sack is for those who love outdoor activities like trekking, camping, hiking, and other adventurous things.

This two-way bag from Harrisons is compact and space saver. It comes with its own sack to fit with your backpack and saves the room for other valuable things. However, like other Harisson products, this sack also offers and focuses on your comfort and ease. There is no zipper snag in this bag. It works by leading fabric away from the zipper coils and provides smooth zipper operation every time.

One of the best things about this sleeper sac is that it can be used multiple times as it is reversible and can be washed easily. The overall volume of the bag is 1177L, which makes it convenient wherever you go.

The Good

  • Smooth opening.
  • Reversible sack.
  • Washing friendly.
  • Well-puffed polyfill base.
  • Compact and space saver.
  • Ideal for both men and women.
  • Comfortable and convenient.

The Bad

  • No warranty mentioned.
  • No internal pockets.
  • Material is a bit thin.


Two in one, here is the sleeping with reversible quality and friendly washable feature. This bag can be carried from place to place comfortably. Plus, it will never let you down during your tough treks or camping journeys.

8. Kefi Outdoors Army Sleeping Bag​

Kefi Army Outdoor Sleeping Mat


Key Specifications
Size85 x 31 inches
MaterialPolyester, Nylon
Weight1600 g
Temperature Range-10 to 0°C

Another durable outdoor sleeping bag from Kefi for adults up to 6’6″. Its high-quality fiber with wool liner support -10 to 0°C temp range and trusted by army guys all over the country. This bag is easy to wrap, lightweight, and portable for backpacking. Its polyester material makes it water-resistant and one of the best selling products.

The primary difference between it and the other Kefi product mentioned in this list is its use-case(freezing weather). However, its two-layer off-set system featured a shaped hood with a drawing string, which helps seal your warmth. Its zipper-lock technology prevents the zipper from the snag, and the double puller zipper helps to unlock a sleeping bag from inside.

The Good

  • Waterproof.
  • Stuff sack included.
  • Double zipper technology.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Provide comfort for 4-seasons.
  • Roomy for any adult under 6’6″.
  • Drawstring hood keeps head warm.
  • Fleece liner adds incredible softness and warmth.

The Bad

  • One-way opening.
  • No internal pockets.


If you travel a lot in different seasons, this 4 season warm and waterproof Camouflage sleeping bag with Fleece Liner provides comfort and keeps you warm at night. It fits any person perfectly and offers easy folding and portability.​​

9. Trajectory Bonfire Sleeping Bag​

Trajectory Bonfire


Key Specifications
Size35 x 193 x 10 inches
Material190T Polyester
Weight1.2 kg
Temperature Range15°C

Introducing the Trajectory Mommy shaped bonfire sleeping sack made to ensure a good night’s near the camp after enjoying a day of hiking and trekking. This bag worth the price with its 15 temp range that makes it comfortable and warm gear for summer, autumn, spring, and less extreme winters. It is one of the blessings to have in this price range.

It has a skin-friendly polyester lining and uses high-quality 190T polyester on the outer side to offer durability. However, its compression pouch with straps makes it quite handy to store and carry the bag.

Trajectory sack also comes with a built-in pocket for wallets and phones to sleep carefree while listening to music and enjoy the dream. It fits everyone as long as 6feet 4 inches adults. It’s narrow opening and hood keep the head and body warm and make you feel cozy the whole night.

The Good

  • Affordable.
  • Ultra-comfy.
  • In-built pocket.
  • Ideal for 6ft4″ adult.
  • Perfect for all season.
  • Trouble-free cleaning.
  • Drawing string hood.
  • Best pick for traveling, sleepovers, or camping, etc.

The Bad

  • One-way zipper.
  • Not windproof.
  • The inner fabric is not mentioned.


It is a super compact and lightweight sack, which is easy to hold and easy to convenient to store. This blue variant sack temp range makes it a perfect choice for any season and purpose.

10. Voroly Waterproof Sleeping Bag For 3 Season​

Voroly Waterproof 3 Season Bag


Key Specifications
Size220 x 80 x 50 cms
Material190T Polyester
Weight1.50 kg
Temperature Range-5°c, 0°c, 5°c

The Voroly mummy sleeping bag built with 3 seasons in mind. It is ultralight and feels comfortable with 1500g Hollow Fiber. It has a large room for your shoulder and legs to stretch out freely. With an extreme temp rating of -5 to 5 °C, this water-resistance is a perfect purchase for camping, hiking, and trekking. This heavy-duty bag comes with a double-sided zipper and strips of padding across the chest and zipper. However, it keeps you warm by not allowing the heat to pass out from your bag.

It also comes with a drawing string hood to contour your face and cinch down tightly for added warmth. The Voroly always keep you boosting with a warm hug at a comfortable temperature no matter how demanding the weather outside is. However, it includes a compression sack to stuff your bag into it without making too much effort. Plus, it is super lightweight, which allows you to carry it around in your car or bicycle and free up space for other gear.

The Good

  • Waterproof.
  • Convenient Storage.
  • Adjustable drawing cord.
  • Heavy Duty Zipper Closure.
  • Include a compression sack.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Inner pocket for wallet & mobile.
  • Come with strips & tubes of insulation.

The Bad

  • Not Yet


Overall we recommend this product majorly for 3 seasons outing. It is a great choice for those who wish to go in extreme temperature rating of five degrees below zero and perfect for people well over six feet.

Best Sleeping Bag Shapes​

Sleeping sac come in various shapes, sizes, texture, and even material according to the weather. In general, campers want something that offer enough room to stretch out and roll over and a night of comfortable sleep.

The shape of your sleeping bag should reflect the style of your planning. Every user has a different set of hopes from sleeping packs, to help you decide which shape fits you best, here are three essential sac: Mummy, Rectangular, and Semi-Rectangular.

  • Rectangular Shape
Rectangular Shape

As the name implies, this bag comes in a rectangular shape—one of many travelers’ most favorite gear. The broader dimension allows a lot of room for both legs and arms to spread out.

This is the most popular style of sleeping bag and ideal for those who like comfortable sleep. However, some can even include two people sleeping space, thereby making it an excellent choice for couples.

  • Mummy Shape
Mummy Shape

The mummy sleep bag name comes from the shape of “Egyptian Mummy.” This is one of the best picks for winter vacations, as it helps to keep the body warm by not allowing the air inside to flow out and cool down.

They are great for long journeys and can be used at sub-zero temp. This bag comes in a wide shape from the top and narrows at the feet to keep better protection.

  • Semi-Rectangular/Barrel-Shaped Bag
Semi Rectangular

It somewhere comes between the mummy and rectangular-shaped bag. It is also known as a “Modified mummy” or “Barrel Shape” bag.

This shaped bag goes perfect for fair-weather campers who require warmth and want the extra space for added comfort. Moreover, this bag is sufficient for shorter backpacking adventures and is quite compatible and versatile compared to other sleeping mats.

  • Double-Wide sleeping bag
Double Wide Shape

These are designed to give comfort to couples and are an extended version of rectangular-shaped sacks. Most double-wide sacks have a barrier that divides them into two single bags.

Moreover, in some premium products, the upper area holds a small pillow for each person. It can also be used as a mattress near your bonfire.

  • Body shaped
Body Shaped

These type of bags comes with arms and legs mostly look like a coverall. It plays the dual role of both sleeping as well as a full-body coat.

Plus, it not only plays the role of sleeping, but it also allows you to walk and run, it is quite flexible and comfortable. These types of sleeping gears are designed to fit in snowfall regions and for mobility also.

Best Sleeping Bag Brands​

  • Coleman
  • Harissons
  • Kefi
  • Ohuhu
  • STC
  • Trajectory
  • Voroly

How to choose a Sleeping Bag?

Best Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags assist various purposes, and for that first, you need to know your purpose, whether you require it for an adventure like trekking or camping. Besides this, you also have to find out the bag temperature range, size, material quality, and the importance of all the price.

So if you’re looking for a new sleeping bag, we’re here to help you out. Keep the following factors in mind while choosing one.

  • Temperature Rating 

Now that you know what types of bags are available and which one is best suited to your calls, here comes the most crucial point to know, the role of temperature rating. This is the key to understand how the sleeping bag works. However, the rating of sleeping gears varies from brand to brand. 

Most of the manufacturers produce a specific temp range. Camping in a forest is different from camping on a high peak. Therefore it is essential to choose the right bag by examining the temp range in the decided region you wish to visit. The temperature rating is have been categorized as follows- 

  1. Comfort rating – the temp at which an adult will feel comfortable and get a good night’s.
  2. Limited rating – is lower than comfort temp, and an adult can afford a comfortable sleep.
  3. Extreme rating – The lowest temp at which the bag keeps an adult alive without freezing to death. It also poses a vital risk of hypothermia and frostbite.
Type of sleeping bagLow temp limit (ºC/ºF)High temp limit (ºC/ºF)
Summer1.6ºC/35ºFOver 1.6ºC/Over 35ºF
3 season-12ºC/10ºF1.6ºC/35ºF
WinterUnder -12ºC/Under 10ºF-12ºC/10ºF
  • Type of Insulation

Another big choice to make by deciding what you want – synthetic or down filling. Below is a review with the pros and cons of each insulation:

              1. Synthetic bags 

Synthetic insulation is one of the most common types of lining used in camping bags. They perform better when wet than down lining sacks, holding around 50% of their insulating strength when wet. However, they are durable and lasts longer; even if used in tough situations, these material gear withstand all kinds of friction.


  • Dries quickly 
  • Performs well when wet
  • More affordable than the down filling 
  • Easier to clean
  • Require less care


  • Doesn’t retain heat
  • Bulkier and heavier 
  • Not as compressible as down

             2. Down Insulation 

They are way better and versatile than synthetic but come at a higher price range. However, they are ideal for trekking and traveling due to its excellent weight ratio and warmth. It also traps warm air and holds heat in a more productive way than synthetic.

The only downside of Down filling is that it quickly absorbs moisture and gets wet and loses heat-insulating traits. It also takes a much longer time to dry out. For these reasons, these bags are well suited to cold and dry conditions.


  • Lightweight 
  • Compressible
  • Long-lasting 
  • Excellent heat holding 
  • Wider comfort
  • Suitable for cold and warm temp


  • Require special cleaning 
  • Expensive 
  • Take a long time to dry out 
  • Loses heat insulation when wet


When choosing your sleeping bag, also look at these extra features, which will help you in improving your comfort.

  • Fabric 

One of the critical parts which decide the price of a sleeping bag. The outer lining is usually made of nylon & ripstop as it is highly durable protects the insulation and is also tear and wear-resistant.

On the other side, Fine nylon, polyester, and poly-cotton are the most common materials used for padding sleeping bags. It offers a comfortable and softer sleeping sense. However, they are also worn and tear-resistant, making it a better choice for many travel enthusiasts.

  • Zipper 

Getting a bag with more than one zipper slider makes it easy to adjust airing. Besides this, some bags block zipper snagging by shielding the zipper with a guard to lessen heat loss.

However, some camping bags are also available in two-way style zippers, on the left and right side, for easy opening when needed. So you can unzip the bag from whatever side you want. Zips can be full length or just halfway.

Best Sleeping Bag
  • Hood 

Most of the manufacturers added an extra hood part with or without drawing chain to keep the head warm while sleeping. A sung-fitted hood makes the bag and head much warmer, as most of the heat is lost through the head. So get a bag with an additional hood section.

  • Inner Pocket 

A few bags offer a handy zippered storage place to keep valuables like a watch, wallet, phone, or lip balm. It usually is found near the top of the bag. It provides you more ease while sleeping.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. Is it necessary to have a sleeping bag? 

Sleeping bags may be a useless luxury if you’re staying in a hotel. But in some cases like going for hiking, trekking, or camping, you should have a sleeping bag to guard yourself against the weather. They are more like a lightweight quilt with a zipper closure and looks like a shell to protect a person while sleeping near the bonfire.

2. Which sleeping bag shape is comfortable for camping?

It depends on the weather of the area you’re traveling to be camp in. Ampler sleeping bags, like rectangular or barrel-shaped, give you more room to move, but may not keep you warm. On the other hand, Mummy-frame bags are more prohibitive but are great for colder climates and keep you warm and cozy. 

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