Best Trolley Bags in India – [February 2021]

In a Hurry? Our Top 2 Picks to Buy!

1. DKNY Vintage Signature

DKNY Vintage Signature


2. Caprese Autumn Rose Smoke

Caprese Autumn Rose Smoke


Ready to run on an adventure and hit the road? There is always something mystic about exploring, whether you go for a family trip, office tour, or traveling with friends. All this adds some life changing experience in your daily living. Making memories, getting lost in the beauty of cities, meeting new people, stepping out of your comfort zone, and more all make you a wonderful and well-rounded being.

Holding into the same place makes life dull, makes a big trip, picks your best traveling bag, and escapes from stress full life. Did I say backpacks? Do you have it? No matter how frequently or why you’re moving, it would be best if you always had a suitcase that suits all your needs. Your luggage is your most important travel essential. It should be spacious enough to hold all your stuff, light enough to carry easily, and durable enough to stay long for years.

With so many options on the bazaar today, deciding the best luggage brands can be the most challenging part of your trip. If you are planning to buy a new travel bag, you have come to the right spot.

Here is the list that includes the Best Trolley Bags in various price ranges, featuring strength, style, and function. We prepared this list based on the customer reviews and our market research with our genuinely created buying guide, which helps you buy a new bag with some idea. 

Top 10 Trolley Bags in India 2021

Trolley BagsCasingWeight
DKNY Vintage Signature Hard4.8 kg
Caprese Autumn Hard2.8 kg
Kamiliant American Tourister Hard4.23 Kg
Safari Polyester Soft5 kg
AGARO Venus Hard2.8 kg
New Jersey Travellers Soft3.31 kg
American Tourister Jamaica Soft4.1 kg
VIP Tryst Soft3.4 kg
Skybags Rubik Soft4.5 kg
Skybags Trooper Hard2.36 kg

Which Are The Top 10 Best Trolley Bags in India 2021?​

1. DKNY Vintage Signature Dark Rose Trolly ​

DKNY Vintage Signature


Key Specifications
Size48 x 30.5 x 77 cm
ColorDark Rose
Weight4.8 kg
Extra Features25% extra storage, Water Resistance, Multi-functional Compartments

The DKNY Luggage collection provides for a rich, smooth, and enjoyable travel. The world of travel has grown enormously in the last decade. However, the meaning of travel is changing. It’s not about the target but the journey. Or not about the milestone, but the adventure at every turn.

It always comes up with really stylish bags in different colors that make it more attractive. This trolly bag is one of its top rated product with almost five stars rating. This design shows how well one can fit style with functionality. Its sharp look and taste blend this bag with your personality, yet stand out on the baggage area. This bag is my favorite from all other trolley bags, as it comes with 8 rolling wheels, making it easier to manage over various surfaces. The coolest thing about its wheel is they don’t require much strength or control from you.

This is a lightweight and sturdy yet elegant piece with an in-built side color fix TSA bar, which ensures that no extra seal and key is required to guard your bag’s contents. However, the kit is designed with multiple purpose compartments to keep your stuff well. It also features a wet pocket for your toiletries and damp swimsuits.

The Good

  • 3-year international warranty.
  • Designed by a woman for women.
  • Large main section with multisets.
  • Side and telescopic top pick handle.
  • Lightweight, a sturdy and elegant bag.
  • A High-performance TSA lock ensures extra protection.
  • 360-degree rotating wheels make it easier to manage.

The Bad

  • Costly as compared to other competitors.
  • Not designated for men.


This DKNY bag is Re-engineered with lightweight spinner wheels For effortless mobility. It delivers a premium luggage model to make your bag blend with your personality. Although its new-age hardshell material keeps the bag light.​

2. Caprese Autumn 55 Cms Cabin Luggage​

Caprese Autumn Rose Smoke


Key Specifications
Size56.5 x 23.5 x 39.5 cms
ColorRose Smoke
Weight2.8 kg
Extra FeaturesGun-Metal Finish Hardware, Security Zipper

People usually get tangled about picking the right bag for them. So Caprese comes up with textured floral exterior in light pastel shades with a lightweight and functional stroll. This luggage bag comes in rose smoke color, made of durable & lightweight polyester shells as well. This suitcase is perfect and comes with a 39 liters capacity and is yes spacious full.

Moreover, this suitcase makes your tour perfect with its TSA lock type and 5-year assurance. Caprese is one of the most known brands for its durability, color, and styling. 

Everything is great about this model, including its 360-degree wheeling, 8 Wheels Trolly, Convipack inside for extra storage space, Compression bands inside the main compartment, which allow you to carry a lot of stuff in this small bag.

The Good

  • 360-degree spinner wheel.
  • 5-year international warranty.
  • TSA bar with security zipper.
  • Extra Storage Compartments.
  • Hard casing and Polycarbonate fabric.
  • Two compartments one with straps and another with a durable zipper.

The Bad

  • No laptop compatibility.
  • 1 large compartment.


Overall this suitcase is perfect and secure to be travel by, with a 39-liter capacity and TSA security. Its soothing rose smoke color with some self-print design, making it more attractive and eye-catching. One of the stylish model by Caprese.​

3. Kamiliant by American Tourister KAM Kiza​

Kamiliant American Tourister Trolley Bag


Key Specifications
Size55 x 32 x 79 cms
ColorAsh Blue
Weight4.23 kg
Lock3 digita
Extra Features1 Compartment, Multi-step handle, 110.5 L Capacity

Kamiliant by American Tourister, an impressive new travel rider that calls you to show yourself as you explore the world. This product is inspired by nature, and color makes a remark that perfectly reflects your character. Kamiliant is a bold new approach to be yourself and to be well spotted in the crowd or wherever you go.

With Kamiliant, travel is fun, easy, and personal. It comes with a complete, limited warranty and 3-digit fixed bar. Although this is an affordable luggage bag, giving you more options and more features like scratch resistance on dual texture, multi-step handle with high durability. 

It also comes with a 110.5 Liters capacity and extendable strap. This easy to use a a suitcase with a 360-degree rolling wheel and PP fabric make your traveling exciting. However, it is beautifully designed to stand out and make a statement. It features both hard casing in Ash blue color to suit your needs.

The Good

  • Built with hard casing.
  • It is a robust and reliable trolley bag.
  • Scratch and Waterproof body.
  • Large section with an extendable strap.
  • Comes with a 3-year international warranty.
  • Durable multi-step adjustable handle.
  • High performance 3 digits fixed lock ensures more security.

The Bad

  • No laptop compatibility.
  • Both the handles are on the top.


It is an easy to use case with beautiful color texture, durability, and protection. Beautifully designed with all the essential features that a bag should have to withstand in any situation. However, it designed with a hard casing to give water and scratch-proof body.​

4. Safari 75 cms Check-in Luggage Bag​

Safari trolley bags


Key Specifications
Size30 x 47 x 75 cms
Weight5 kg
Lock3 dial bar
Extra FeaturesDuck Feet with Bottom Handle for ease of carrying and storing, expandable trolley

Not most of us wish to carry our luggage bags on the arms as most of the backpacks do. Almost everyone admires a comfortable trip to enjoy it to the fullest. Safari is the most lovable and famous brand in this business of creating soft and hard bags in India since 1974. More than 40 years, still ruling the world, shows how much tourists trust this brand’s quality.

Picking a brand that offers goods made from the right quality stuff, perfection to design, and are strong pretty to handle any kind of event is much essential. Safari is one of those firms that offer excellent styles and easy-to-use baggage carriers.

Explore the world with this safari bag, a best and constant partner. It is made of high-end polyester with a soft casing in purple color. However, its soft purple body comes with a front pocket with some design, making it even more attractive in the crowd. You will like its easy glide wheel and lock bar system, which protects your stuff and your bag too.

Its roomy and lightweight quality makes this bag trouble-free to carry. However, its unique stand-out wheel design, Expandable trolley, and internal garment section add a dynamic styling and strength at the same time.

The Good

  • Corner guards interior.
  • Flexible expanded trolley.
  • Enough room to carry clothes for ten days.
  • 3 dial lock with a secure zipper.
  • Durable and glide wheels make it easy to roll.
  • Internal garment section, and two adjustable straps.

The Bad

  • No laptop compatibility.
  • The design is standard.
  • One large compartment.
  • Not water-resistant.


Safari creates all their products by an in-house team of designers in their manufacturing plant and is quality tested to last for long. This company has been in this business for almost 40 years, with strong links on many platforms. This model is one of its fine and elegant creations available in many other colors. With all the essential features a bag should have.​​​

5. AGARO Venus Hardsided Check-in Suitcase/Luggage​

Best Agaro Venus Trolley Bags


Key Specifications
Size39 X 23.5 X 56 cms
Weight2.8 kg
LockNumber lock
Wheels4 double
Extra FeaturesScratch-resistant body, Cross elastic belt, Two spacious compartments, 25% extra storage, 40.5 L capacity

Trolley & Luggage Bags have always been favorite carriers for many travelers, as they help to make the travel activity beautiful. AGARO venue is one of them, built up of PP material and hard casing. 

If you’re on the outlooks of this hard case trolly case, then you would be satisfied by its expandable storage feature. It comes with easily expandable storage that gives you up to 25% more packing space. The fabric used for making this model makes it lightweight and scratch protection. It also helps it absorb impact without any dents.

However, this bag is compact and comes with unique features. It is quite simple to travel with this bag. Thanks to its Eight 360° moving Wheels, which helps you to turn the wheels in any direction smoothly. It makes the travel super comfortable, just like all other brands. 

Although its spacious compartments include a mesh pocket, a hinged pocket with an extra zip compartment. Its customized inner lining complements the chic design of the bag. Plus, it helps you organize your material easily by giving a large room than ever with a cross elastic belt.

The Good

  • Comes with a 3 years warranty.
  • Adjustable 4-step aluminum handle.
  • stunning design with a hard shell PP surface.
  • Expandable Storage Capacity with up to 25%.
  • A lightweight companion makes traveling effortless.
  • 25% extra space along with multifunctional pockets.

The Bad

  • No laptop compatibility.
  • The design is standard.


Overall, if you’re looking for a shallow price bag with all durable features, then this bag will be the right choice. As we really liked its 4 double spinnings 360° wheels for smooth-rolling in any direction and hard casing that protects the packing from any situation.

6. New Jersey Travellers Check-in Luggage​

New Jersey Trolley Bags


Key Specifications
Size40.6 x 20.3 x 50.8 cms
Weight3.31 kg
LockNumber lock
Extra FeaturesTwo Compartments, ABS Plastic Handle, 65 L capacity

When it comes to travel luggage, they come in different shapes and sizes and even from hard luggage bags to soft ones. This New Jersey Traveller is one of the soft casing bag with attractive styling and color. It is made with pure polyester material and ensures to have a waterproof body.

It also comes with an ABS plastic telescopic handle and hand-handle on the side. But what makes this model stand out in this list is its 65-liter capacity, laptop compatibility, and two compartments. However, its extra pockets in front allow you to carry all your material conveniently in a planned manner.

It has a two-wheel, press-button trolley handle that makes it trouble-free to carry by just twirling the bag around with a sturdy base stand to keep the surface of your bag up from the ground. This bag full-fills all your needs with a lot of traits which any tourists will love it.

The Good

  • Extra pocket in front.
  • Durable and sturdy with soft casing.
  • Digit lock set-up gives more protection.
  • Water Resistant and agreeable to carry a laptop.
  • Strong zips, Adjustable handle, and Rotating wheels.

The Bad

  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.


If you travel a lot for official or any reason in other nations, this bag is the right choice for traveling. One of the great things about this product is that it is capable of carrying laptops too. It is made to stand in any situation and carrying any kind of stuff.

7. American Tourister Jamaica 80 cms​

American Tourister bags


Key Specifications
Size49 x 34.5 x 80 cms
Weight4.1 kg
Lock3 digit
Extra FeaturesTwo Compartments, Side lugs and side handles, 120 L capacity, Internal mesh pocket

American Tourister is one of the leading brands with the best luggage bags and well known for their durability and top quality products. This is one of the high-rated product with a beautiful neat look in lovely Turquoise color. This suitcase is somehow has a soft body case with four wheels easy to roll or move.

Thanks to its large capacity that allows you to pack your clothes for up to 10 days. It is much more in space and expands at high rage to fit all your essential items to avoid carrying any other case. With this boy, you feel incredibly secure because of its 3 digit lock and retractable handle for trolley thing.

This bag is made of high-density polyester with durable interior packing straps, a zip closing system for all the compartments and multiple pockets. The bold approach of this case makes a remark that perfectly reflects your character. And more you will be well detected in the crowd or wherever you go.

The Good

  • 360° smooth-rolling wheels.
  • Lightweight soft-side with a functional packing capacity.
  • Massive compartment with a secure zipper.
  • Retractable handle & Bottom kick guard provide full comfort and protection.
  • Comes with a 3 years warranty.

The Bad

  • No TSA lock.
  • No water resistance.


This is one of the most common and trusted brand with many faithful customers. It is known for its top-quality luggage products. Jamaica is one of the soft-bodied suitcases which is purchased continuously by many customers, due to its long-lasting features.​

8. VIP Tryst 55 cms Softsided Cabin Luggage​

VIP Trsty Best Trolley bag


Key Specifications
Size55 x 26 x 39 cms
ColorCrimson Red
Weight3.4 kg
Wheels4 double
Extra Featuresextra volume, corner guards, Two elastic straps, 30L capacity

If some of you don’t know about this brand, you’ve missed its top-rated products. VIP is an Indian Best Luggage Manufacturer Company that makes high-grade luggage and travel accessories. Although, the company has more than 8,000 local outlets across India and a chain of retailers in 50 nations. The fact that kept VIP as popular is it’s up to dated designs and material used to create it.

Here is the most favorable bag among most of the customers with an excellent rating.VIP Tryst Crimson red is the best product from VIP and is also available in a small and large black color. Its TSA fixed lock gains the trust of many customers towards itself. However, talking about its material – all the VIP bags are made of premium material and are easy to carry effortlessly.

Same with this model, it is also made with polyester and with a soft casing, which makes it easy to carry. It also features a large room for packing with an in-built elastic strap that keeps your clothes at their place. However, its extra pockets in front allow you to take all your material efficiently in a planned manner. Its 360° movable four wells and telescopic top pick handle make it a trouble-free bag. What else do you even need?

The Good

  • 5-year promise period.
  • Greatly durable and lightweight.
  • Comes with a TSA fixed combination lock.
  • Additional pocket on front and inside of the case.
  • Excellent quality material and a soft-sided trolley bag.

The Bad

  • No laptop compatibility.
  • Simple design, but anyhow attractive color.
  • Not too smooth wheels.


Since VIP’s plan in 1971, it has become a household brand built with a legacy of its own and is known as one of the most widely set luggage companies of today. This trolley case is one of its examples, built with premium quality material and soft casing. It is cheap and durable enough to stand in any circumstances.

9. Skybags Rubik 68 Cms Check-in Luggage​

Best trolley bag


Key Specifications
Size31 x 68 x 42 cms
MaterialPolyester, 500D PVC
Weight4.5 kg
Lock3 digit
Extra Features1 spacious compartment, Corner guard, push handle, Expander feature, 66 L capacity

It’s always been fun to take a break from busy life and go on a long road trip or to some peaceful place where you feel alive. Add these types of ideas in your lifestyle is important and more valuable then this is to have a handy and durable suitcase. You all know about Skybags, one of the leading and best luggage bags brand in India, and come from all the VIP industries. 

What qualities do you notice in your luggage? Durability and Space, right? Yes, Skybags know this, and even we too, that’s why this model is listed on our list to reach you out.

Skybags Rubik made with high-quality 500D PVC Coating, with a soft casing, and re-engineered lightweight rolling wheels for effortless mobility. This trolley luggage comes in two colors: blue and red, from which blue is one of its top picks. It has a stylish look with a prismatic pattern, which creates an dazzling look. 

However, one compartment with enough space to fit your ten days garments. Its 3 digit combination secure bar keeps the bag protected from sudden open along with push-knob trolly with a comfortable grip. Plus, it also comes with an extra pocket in the front for keeping some essential items you need during your journey.

The Good

  • 5 year-long warranty period.
  • 360° rotating wheels for smooth rolling.
  • Durable and strong material with a soft casing.
  • 66 liters capacity and expanded packing space.
  • Press button handles with excellent grip and parking pullers.

The Bad

  • No laptop compatibility.
  • Simple design, but anyhow attractive color.
  • No TSA lock.


Skybags are known for the durability and strength of their bags. Going with this brand never gets wrong. It is simple, still stylish, cheap, but yet durable. What else do you even need?

10. Skybags Trooper 55 Cms Cabin Luggage ​

Skybags Troopers


Key Specifications
Size21 x 55 x 38 cm
Weight2.36 kg
LockNumber lock
Extra FeaturesStainless Steel Strolly, Adjustable handle, hard casing, 28L, Scratch resistance

Last but not least, Skybags always come up with really stylish bags and designs; this is one of its examples. The color and the layout shows how one can fit undoubtedly in a style and function too. The outer material is textured with a micro-diamond finish for scratch resistance and also reduces abrasion visibility. 

However, it durable enough to stand out in any circumstance. It is made with a long-lasting blend of Polycarbonate and 100% Virgin Hard Case which absorb the impact under stress and ‘flex’ back into its real shape.

However, its 360° rotating wheels and the handy handle makes it simple to carry. This lightweight travel bag comes with a 28-liter capacity and with enough space for your garments. Another useful feature of this bag is its adjustable strap and high-quality zip that runs for a long time without any problem.

The Good

  • Peaceful color and stylish graphics.
  • It comes with a hard casing.
  • The quality of the wheels is excellent and long-lasting.
  • The lock set-up is quite safer.
  • Spacious Compartments with adjustable straps.
  • Adjustable and long stainless steel Strolly.

The Bad

  • No laptop compatibility.
  • Not water resistance.
  • The Interior material is not so firm.
  • 1-year assurance.


If you’re looking for a perfect-looking and sturdy suitcase then this the best pick you will ever make. It is hard enough to face any situation and cool enough to fit any event, whether in your official trip or for some holidays. It is safe, lightweight, and even attractive. This could be the right cabin bag for someone who avoids boring luggage in dull colors. ​

Best Trolley Bags Brands in India

  • Agaro 
  • American Tourister
  • Caprese 
  • DKNY 
  • New Jersey Travellers 
  • Safari 
  • Skybags
  • VIP 

How to choose a Trolley Bag?​

Best Trolley Bag

When you’re going off on a journey, whether it’s a long tour or something a little closer to home, you will want the most comfortable luggage to take with you to reduce the stress that travel can cause.

As you know, trolley luggage with sturdy wheels makes the moving of heavy bags ideal with 360° rotation. So before you make a purchase, we recommend you see a few crucial points that you must consider before buying.

  • Size 

This is the first step you should keep in mind, as it is a crucial factor that helps you in your journey. If you are looking for a bag for foreign tours or an extended holiday, you must ideally pick a large luggage bag. However, it offers you more interior space with some extra features.

On the other side for short trips, always look for a handy or compact suitcase. They are easy to handle and take less space to store. Typically both of the bags come with rotational wheels, which helps you to move them quickly.

But with a small handy trolly suitcase, you can even carry them on your shoulder or by your hand, and they are fine in weight compared to large ones.

  • The Wheels

The main factor of trolley luggage is how easy it is to move around or carry. Most luggage comes with two types of wheel sets: Four Large Wheels or Two Wheels. The benefit of owning four-wheeler bags is that it’s a spinner and can be moved in any direction easily and are easy to operate.

The problem that occurs is you can run into the situation where your luggage wants to get away from you. This is where two-wheels come into play. Since it only moves front and back. Both of them have some kind of benefits and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of Two Wheels

  1. It recessed into the case, which helps stop closing off.
  2. Forgoing on quick trips or single travel, two wheels are better than for wheels for making chains and rolling on an uneven surface.
  3. However, they are fine in weight compared to 4 rings, so you can also hold them with your hands.
  4. They only move front and backward, so you have to pull or push the case with your walk’s extended handle.

Pros and Cons of Four Wheels

  1. They are more ergonomic and don’t put as much stress to move or on your shoulders.
  2. They are more carefree to manage in tight space and are more durable than two wheels.
  3. Because the rings are extremely rotating at 360 degrees, sometimes create overturning.
  4. It takes more space if you lay them down with a chance of breaking the wheels.
  • The Handle

If you’re buying trolley luggage or any kind of case with a retractable handle, you need to test it first. It should be able to pull in and out and spin, push and pull the suitcase without knocking or shaking. Its press button should also work smoothly, helping you pull out quickly to adjust like your comfort.

Some handles come with an adjustable feature and some not, so you can determine how far you want the handle to pull out based on your height and liking.
Or you just want a simple handle, not with an adjustable feature, which is also the right preference. As sometimes, adjustable handles create a problem and get a fix in one place. It’s all up to you what you want to not.

  • Hard or Soft Casing

Travel can take its duty on your gear, so the make and build of your choice are essential for longevity. These days the best suitcase or luggage comes with two casing with a hard side and soft side. These two add a level to the outside quality of your gear, so they are two primary factors.

1. Soft Casing

If you like to have a soft side type bag, be sure to buy one with good quality material and the weight of the material. However, soft luggage offers excellent storage and is less bulky.


  1. More flexible in terms of space fee and item shape.
  2. Less Bulky.
  3. Many plan options.
  4. Easier to stuff more things.
  5. More Portion & External pockets.


  1. Easily cut and tear.
  2. Weaker strength from delicate items.
  3. Much heavier than Polycarbonate spinners.

2. Hard Casing

If durability is your first preference, go with hard case luggage, it offers more protection and absorbs the shocks and knocks. However, the more durable the bag most massive the material is.

Both the sides luggage come in different color and patterns, stains, and wear. The hard side tends to come in a wide range of colors and designs. They are also meant to be waterproof and scratch resistance. Overall they are created to save your day.


  1. Doesn’t tear or rip.
  2. Can’t be cut in with a knife.
  3. Very durable.
  4. Give better protection for the items inside it.
  5. More friendly to clean and comes in many colors.
  6. Made of waterproof shells.


  1. Little flexible.
  2. Less space with no outer pockets in some models.
  • The Zipper

As far as strength goes, most travelers have to deal with zipper problems. According to the study, zipper comes in two styles: Chain and Coil. The chain ones are the most reliable style since they’re made from metal. At the same time, the coil zipper uses polyester to hold it.

According to the research, you want to look and test the zipper to ensure more reliability. Go for metal over plastic, and look for a self-healing cable, so in the event of a barrier you can easily pull the zipper back down and over the barrier to fixes the problem.

  • Locks

Do you know the purpose of a lock? Yes, they protect your stuff material against theft. They are used to prevent sudden opening. They are usually joined on the zipper loops and help stop the bag from opening due to any mishap.

Some of them are built into the luggage with a digit number or TSA lock. These secure bars come with a secure key combination that you set, and only you can open. But some bags come with external security key such as padlocks, or lockable straps, which are not as safe as in-built locks.

On the other side, TSA is one of the famous security systems. It stands for Transportation Security Administration. The advantage of buying a TSA lock bag is that the agent with a TSA key or the owner can open it smoothly.

Most of the TSA agents are allowed to open the bag to inspect thoroughly. However, TSA bags come in a high range, but there is an alternative with which you can go. The digit lock system bags are cheaper than TSA bags and provide the same protection as it.

  • Interior Capacity

While the outside measurements are essential but don’t forget how important the inside room is. This can be hard to do because many companies do not show the interior volume in their description only if you’re buying online.

Look for features that maximize the inner space and reveal the capacity in their product details. However, most of the bags come with squared corners, which meant to be more spacious than rounded ones.

Additional features like confining straps, how many pockets does its interior has, and more, all are the essential features you should know about its interior.

Frequently Asked Questions​

1. What if my bag doesn’t have a TSA lock?

It is not necessary to have a TSA certified bag. You can use any bag or any other lock you want, but if you get TSA agents during your checking, the agents are allowed to check it and have the freedom to cut off your non-approved TSA seal that involves massive damage.

Therefore, it is always desirable to buy a bag with a TSA security bar. These are the best TSA bags: DKNY Vintage SignatureCaprese Autumn Rose SmokeVIP Tryst Crimson Red.

2. Can I wash my luggage with a hard and soft case?

Yes, you can, but with some safety measures. To clean your hard side luggage, we suggest using a gentle soap with warm water and rinse thoroughly. 

As they are made with high-tech plastics such as ABS and Polycarbonate, which are easy to clean. And for soft side luggage, we suggest spot cleaning with dish soap and water with gentle hands, as they are made of fabric that is easy to wash but takes some time.

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